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Today, pictures have become a very common form of network expression. AO 3 browser launched a new screenshot features, innovative add bubbles, blur, fluorescent pen and other tools, so that netizens can share more "truth" to friends.

Easy to use

AO 3 Browser screenshot features simple, you can click the browser in the upper right corner of the screenshot button enabled, you can also use the shortcut keys "Ctrl+f1" and "Ctrl +f2" to enable. Proud Tour 3 screenshot shortcuts belong to the global shortcut key, regardless of AO 3 browser is the current window, can be used.

"Figure I"

In the area screenshot function, the user can also make appropriate edits to the picture, for example adds the explanation, identifies the key area and so on. The captured picture can either be saved in the Clipboard or saved as a file.

Unlike the common screenshot tool, in addition to the selected area screenshots, AO 3 browser screenshots can also be the current browsing page to save the full picture, for the need for large area of the page to save users is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice.

Strong function

Proud Tour 3 Screenshots The biggest feature is accompanied by a wealth of screenshots auxiliary, editing tools, through these auxiliary tools, users can arbitrarily intercept, processing pictures.

When the user has enabled the area screenshot function, first appears is a with the cross cursor "The magnifying glass", through this magnifying glass, the user may one pixel point's choice screenshot area, especially in determines the screenshot beginning coordinates accurate extremely.

"Figure II"

When the user selects the screenshot area, the 3 screenshot feature will highlight the selected area. When the screenshot area is confirmed, a toolbar appears below the highlighted area, which provides a rich picture editing tool for the user to choose from.

"Figure three"

The tool bar has a more traditional selection of boxes, arrows, text tools and so on, but also full of innovative fluorescent pens, bubbles, fuzzy and other unique tools.

Highlighter Pen: Highlighter can be highlighted in the important areas of the picture, AO 3 screenshots provide three kinds of weight and 12 different colors for the Highlighter pen tool.

"Figure IV"

Bubbles: The bubble tool can be used to simulate a conversation situation, or to highlight a screenshot of the text. AO 3 offers a total of 10 bubble styles and rich colors for users to choose from.

"Figure V"

Blur Tool: Screenshots can deliver "truth", but occasionally reveal some privacy. The traditional screenshot tool needs the user to daub with the brush, neither beautiful nor convenient. The fuzzy tool of 3 can blur the sensitive area of the picture, and it is simple and practical.

"Figure Six"

Proud Tour 3 screenshot tips

Change the shortcut key: for the shortcut keys have special requirements of the user can click on the top right corner of the head, select the menu "Options" to open the choice of the options set page, on the left of the "shortcut" option page, you can modify the shortcut keys.

Quick Save: In addition to clicking on the Save, complete button on the toolbar, the user can also double-click the left arrow in the screenshot area, or press ENTER to quickly save the picture to the Clipboard.

The Clipboard is saved to a file: When the screenshot is saved to the Clipboard, if the user still needs to save the picture as a file, just open any folder and paste it to save the screenshot in the current folder as a file without using any image processing software.

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