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Proud Zhang Browser is a very typical dual-core browser, many users in the use of proud Zhang browser, perhaps just know that the browser itself is a dual-core engine mode, and proud Zhang browser dual core, may not necessarily have a comparative image of understanding. Below we will be in this article for you to experience the experience of Zhang browser two core engines, and the speed difference between the two cores. We mainly explore the performance of HTML5 between the two cores.

Proud Zhang Browser Speed mode hint/press

Proud Zhang Browser dual-core state, or dual-core switching, can be achieved through the shortcut button. As shown in the figure above, the label shown in the figure is the core state of the current browser (at this point in speed mode). Click on the button to switch directly to the compatible core mode.

In the speed mode proud Zhang browser HTML5 test results for 464 points

Here we need to use the HTML5 benchmark to test the two cores of the Zhang browser. "Html5test" is a test project for the THML5 performance of various aspects of the browser when browsing the web.

We see in the speed core of the proud Zhang browser, the final HTML5 test to be divided into 454 points.

Compatibility mode proud Zhang browser HTML5 test results for 464 points

The above is proud Zhang browser under the compatibility core, HTML5 test is divided into 319 points.

Now we can compare the performance of the two cores of Zhang browser. First, in the same environment, the HTML5 performance of the speed core is 18.5% higher. Second, we can see from the core-compatible score that this score is the same as the IE9 HTML5 test result, so we can see the old time IE9 used by Zhang browsers as a compatible kernel. With IE9 such as the core of compatibility support, I believe that proud Zhang browser will allow users in the speed and compatibility of the two aspects of the use, will be more handy.

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