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In everyone's understanding of the concept, taking notes is usually done in books, computers. However, you can now sync these locally recorded notes to the cloud and become a real cloud Notepad, and this feature is provided by the proud Zhang browser. When a browser has this feature, what kind of experience will users be using? We'll come up with a demo. Zhang browser this feature.

Set the labels in Notepad to color

To make it easier to place the order in the notebook or to differentiate the contents of some of the notes, we can choose to use the color partitioning feature in Zhang browser Notepad. For the same kind of notes are divided into the same color label, then the last when the number of entries more than the user will be easier to distinguish the content area.

A maximum of 40 words can be entered per note

Proud Zhang Browser with the contents of each Notepad, can enter up to 40 text content. So every piece of information here needs a little streamlining.

No limit on the number of notes in Notepad list

Although the limit of the number of words per note, but proud Zhang browser itself does not limit the information in the Chronicle list, from this point of view, to fill the word limit on the defects.

Sync Notepad content to the cloud

When the user will need to do a record of the Notepad is completed, there is a very important operation can not be missing, that is, the Notepad content synchronized to the cloud. In order to protect the user's information, can be on any platform to login after the trip to the free access to the account.

Summary: The above describes the proud Zhang browser with its own Notepad-related features, including Notepad label color, notepad content editing, notepad item number and synchronization function. The comparison has the characteristic is the synchronization function, actually this is also the proud Zhang browser for the user reflected a very direct characteristic--the cloud function, truly realizes one end synchronization for the user, the multi-terminal sharing common way, lets your browser life quicker simplification.

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