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Friends, what do you do on the Internet? Browsing the web, downloading a variety of resources, fill out a variety of forms, RSS information to read, presumably these applications are everyone to use the internet often need it? In order to better implement these applications, we often need to install the appropriate software to help us achieve, which will inevitably cause a lot of installation software , the use of resources to occupy too many problems.

Everyone wants their computer clean, can install a less software as little as possible to install one, for example, we use the QQ screenshot function, hypersnap This screenshot software does not need to install.

Proud tour is our internet surfing the necessary browser, with the version of the upgrade, around the Web browsing this core function, AO extended gaining out a lot of auxiliary functions, reasonable excavation of these functions, can make our network applications more handy.

Application: Resource Download

Instead: Thunderbolt Express

Download is a big application of the network, who does not use the Internet to download resources? When it comes to downloading presumably everyone will think of Thunder Ah Express and other professional download software. Actually, you know what? Browse the province also has a download function, and the function is quite perfect to support peer-to-peer technology, fully meet our daily needs.

In 2, choose "Tools-Proud Tour Settings Center", and then click the "File Download" item, in the Download Manager settings select "Proud Tour Download" (Figure 1).

Click on the "Settings" link later to open the Download Settings window, this setting window is not familiar? Oh, yes, this is similar to the old Express Download Settings window Concise full release of all aspects of the download settings (Figure 2), we in the general monitoring settings, "Watch Clipboard files" checked, This way when you copy a download on the Internet address, proud to download the Download can pop-up task window to facilitate your download;

If you are accustomed to download the Software Task Suspension small window, then you can "display Download Information suspension window" Also tick, then in the lower right corner of the window will appear proud to download the suspension window to facilitate your download task operation. About other settings We will not be detailed, basically and download software almost, you can set on demand.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Proud to download also has a similar web Thunder download management function, choose "Tool-Proud tour download" into the proud tour download, here shows you really do and have completed the download tasks, you can stop them, start, delete and other operations (such as Figure 3).

Figure 3

In the future when the download demand, that will automatically call proud tour download for download, or you click on the download link on the right button, select "Use Proud to download", or directly copy the download address can call the proud tour download tool download.

Application: Screen capture

Instead: Hypersnapqq screenshot function

Hypersnap is a professional screen capture software, previously we often need to use it to intercept screen images, but later QQ added screen capture function, with its fewer people. Now proud Tour 2 also has the screenshot function, it has the QQ convenient and the HYPERSNAP function is formidable, can be described both.

Open Proud Tour, in the Web page toolbar default has a "screenshot" function button, click on it, we can find proud tour with "area, full screen, window, current page" screenshot function, which is the current page interception is not available in other screenshots tool.

It can directly intercept the entire page, especially for a very long page of multiple screen very useful, and regional screenshots usually we use the most, its shortcut key is "ctrl+f1." Select the last screenshot option to modify the path, format, and quality of the screenshot (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Application: Intelligent Filling Form

In lieu of: RoboForm

The rise of the software, depending on the current online registration, landing applications, participate in an activity, registered account need you to fill out some information, repeat the same content, it is inevitable to let people feel tired, this time all kinds of software to fill in the birth and birth.

AO 2 also will this function to join in, in the AO 2 Choice "Tool-proud tour Setting Center", then click on the "smart form" entry, first of all, their "identity information" in order to fill in in sequence (Figure 5), fill in the OK after the point of preservation can be, so that later encountered the registration form what, directly in the input box right click "Intelligent fill in the form", you can put all the items that need to be entered all the instant fill out.

Figure 5

Tips: Proud tour of the intelligent filling function allows us to have more than one user identity, to facilitate your different occasions to fill in the requirements of the center in the setting "Add items" can be added.

Application: Anti-Boss

Instead: Boss key

Work time, browsing and work is not related to the content was found by the boss can be bad, before we always need to install such as boss key software to prevent the boss, now using the integration of this function of the proud tour, and finally can not do so little function to install a dedicated software.

Proud Tour 2 By default is to open the key function of the boss, you just click "ctrl+~" can instantly the entire AO swim hidden away, even in the task bar also disappeared clean, if you want to recover, click the "ctrl+~" button, proud to return to the tour.

If you want to change the boss shortcuts, select "Tools-Pride Center", in the general options to find the "Enable the Boss key" item, and then "set shortcut" to change the shortcut keys (see Figure 6).

Figure 6

Tips: Proud Tour 1 of the default boss shortcut key is "alt+~."


In addition, agent IP, file sniffing ah, RSS subscriptions AH These network applications are also a very good, we do not detail here. In addition, to say that the extended function of the tour, proud of the expansion of a very strong, many Plug-ins, AO Tour has an expansion center (Http://, which collected hundreds of proud tour plug-ins, install them can enhance your proud tour function, such as translation, calculator, alarm clock , image processing and so on can be done by proud tour, really do a soft in the hand, the function of all the point.

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