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Fans of the situation is always different, such as some can be blowing air conditioning drink, before placing a 52-inch large LCD, although not in the presence of the scene, can feel the same warm atmosphere of the scene. Of course, unlucky eggs are also many, think of those who all day in the boss under the nose of the people who work, which is not the heart of suffering. One side is the boss's eyes dead staring at himself, on the other side is the climax of the game bursting. In fact, the so-called "工欲善其事, its prerequisite", with a good tool for the World Cup has become much better, at this point with the small part of the fans will be more happy! Because by virtue of the powerful browser, coupled with their own painstaking cultivation of a few skills, you will find-the original World Cup can also look like this!

The boss is not afraid of a sneak attack.

Small series cheats: ctrl+~ boss key

With the World Cup approaching, the strength of the boss's inspection seems to be increasing. This is not, small knitting just opened the World Cup homepage, feel behind a blast hit, must be the boss came. This is to be replaced by others, it is estimated that the two legs weak manager room to serve. But small make up how I say is also the battle experience too big, see my sweat heart not jump, gently press ctrl+~ (Proud tour default boss key), proud of the browser will instantly disappear, even the lower right corner of the system tray can not find its traces. Looking at the full screen of the spreadsheet, the boss has a knowing to go, and I click on the ctrl+~, disappeared proud swim back again!

Figure 1 Boss key to the boss "sneak attack"

"Hint" In addition to the default ctrl+~, you can also through the "Options → General options" set their own habit of shortcut keys, very convenient yo!

Coup two. Don't miss the goal moment.

Small series cheats: Video pop-up

Although the boss key is indeed able to save a life at the critical moment, but also can not be used, after all, the work is not finished or to work overtime, may wish to see the Strokes of the small series. In the latest version of the browser, the video can be completely pop-up playback. Use just hover the mouse to the video screen, click on the pop-up "new Window Play" button, you can leave the screen from the browser independent playback. In this interface, you can adjust the window size as needed, arbitrarily drag the panel position, the best is that it can be directly displayed to other windows before, such a wonderful goal moment is not afraid of other work delay it!

Figure 2 Shooting moment Don't miss

"Hint" in fact, in addition to online video, many flash games can also like this "pop-up play", such as the net on some web games.

Coup three. Hot News One key set

Small series Cheats: RSS, Web page timed Refresh

As fans, it is not enough to watch the game, but also to keep abreast of the World Cup information. This point I believe you are not unfamiliar, take small series, they often use "Google information" to find relevant content. In this engine, as long as we are interested in the text into which (such as "World Cup"), enter the search, enter the next side bar to open and jump to the bottom of the page, drag the "RSS link" to the sidebar, to the prompt box to display the "validation success!" Even after the addition is completed. Later, the tour will automatically collect the latest group of World Cup information, click to read, compared to the previous page to view it is too convenient too much!

Figure 3RSS Let the news view more freely!

The current micro-blogging heat is increasing, in this exchange platform, can always find a lot with their own "like-minded" of the ball friends. However, it is well known that the microblogging page is not automatically updated, each time users need to manually refresh to see the latest content, rather troublesome. Forget it, let's make our pride swim. In the proud of the browser, you just right-click the Web page tag, click on "Automatic refresh" → "enable" command, you can allow the time to open the page of proud tour refresh. Of course the software default refresh rate may be a little high (the default is 10 seconds refresh), for the general Web page 30 seconds or 1 minutes is enough, this point you can adjust your own according to the need.

Coup four. Live chat two not mistaken

Small series Cheats: F10 split screen browsing

A person to watch the ball more boring, or open the forum to launch a good taste together! There is only one browser, no Phiming how to do? Might as well try a small series of commonly used F10 keys, in the proud tour of this key is called "split-screen browsing", press the entire screen will be divided, the left can continue to play the game live, And the right side can open the forum and the ball Friends "pen on the Three Kingdoms." Of course, if which forum does not set the eyes of the automatic brush screen, you can continue to use the above the Recruit "automatic refresh", how to watch the game while chatting pretty cool!

Figure 4 on the left to watch the game, the right side of the mountains, two not mistaken!

Coup five. The World Cup website one key opens

Small series cheats: url one-link, shortcut group

Microblogging, website, forum ..., which fans have a few of their own frequent site, small series is no exception. However, compared to all the trouble to open, small knitting method will be more convenient, in the proud browser many methods can quickly open a group of Web sites. Take the most commonly used "shortcut group", this function is particularly simple, as long as the site in advance of their frequent one by one open, and then click the "shortcut group" → "Save all Tags for the shortcut Group" command, enter a good shortcut group name. Then just click on "shortcut group" when needed to select this directory, you can open all the pages at once, the efficiency is very high.

However, although the shortcut group is good, there is a disadvantage, it is easy to be found by the boss, but the small series also have to deal with the way, in the proud browser there is also a function called "URL one-pass." In simple terms, this function is similar to the shortcut group, but also press a key after the automatic opening of a group of web pages, but its location can be concealed more, only the creator I know the corresponding shortcut key is how much. Set the first to enter the "option" → "url navigation", and then click "Shortcut" → "add items" will be the website address one by one input (the site to change the line between the interval), and finally set the shortcut key and click "Save" can be. Any time as long as you press the shortcut key, AO Tour can be a brain to save the pages in turn, will not affect the page opened before, is absolutely a super practical good function!

Figure 5 shortcut keys only know for themselves

Coup six. Star Wallpaper category Download

Small Series Cheats: Proud tour Download filter

Fans have their own idols, such as small series like the image of the idol to set the desktop is not a few. Although the search engines are now able to easily search for star wallpaper, can download each one is very troublesome. In fact, the image download also has the skill to follow, such as small series is often in the search page right click Use "use Proud to download all links." Unlike traditional downloads, this dialog box can optionally set the download category by "filter". For example, the small series on the use of it to the download type directly limited to "JPG", so click on the "Confirm" button, proud tour will only download the current page of all JPG pictures, use it to finish the wallpaper is more appropriate!

Figure 6 Filtering to download only JPG pictures

Written in the last

As an open browser software, on the official website of proud visitors will often have enthusiastic netizens to make some beautiful skin, as a die-hard fans, why not their own browser to dress up, together to look forward to the wonderful World Cup!

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