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1. What is proxy?

In computer terms, proxy is called proxy server. Its function is to obtain network information by proxy network users.

It is a transfer station for network information. In general, when we use a web browser to directly connect to other Internet sites to obtain network information, we must send a request signal to obtain the answer, the other party then transmits the information back in bytes. The HTTP Proxy Server is a server between the client's browser and the Web server. With the proxy server, the client's browser does not have to go directly to the Web server to retrieve the webpage but send a request to the proxy server, the request signal will be sent to the proxy server first, and then the proxy server will retrieve the Web information required by the browser and send it to the browser of the client.

In addition, most HTTP proxy servers have the buffer function, which is like a large cache with a large storage space, it keeps storing new web data to the hard disk space of its local machine. If the data requested by the browser already exists on its local memory and is the latest, therefore, it does not need to retrieve data from the Web server again, but directly transmits the data on the local hard disk to the client's browser, which can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of Web browsing.

In addition, the proxy server is an important security measure provided by the Internet link-level gateway. It mainly works in the dialog layer of the layer-7 Open System Interconnection (OSI) model, it serves as a firewall for internal networks such as government agencies, enterprises, and educational institutions.

For CERNET and casnet users, they can access the sites in the network without the need to pay fees. However, you cannot directly access Internet network resources. If you want to go abroad to view English websites, You have to connect to the Internet proxy server. For dial-up users who can directly access the Internet, such as 163, they can also use a proxy server to solve these problems when they encounter some Internet sites that cannot be accessed or the access speed is too slow. Or if you want to access some internet resources anonymously, the proxy server can do the same for you.

How can we obtain the IP address and port number of the proxy server?

The free proxy server address is generally not public. You have to search on the Internet to fully test your health. There are also a lot of software to search for free proxy servers. Among them, the domestic free proxy server search software-the best Agent Hunter. It integrates proxy search and verification functions, and provides new features such as management and scheduling proxy.

  Ii. features provided by the Agent Hunter

  • Supports search and verification for HTTP and SOCKS5 Proxy Servers
  • Supports automatic search of multiple CIDR blocks and ports
  • Allows you to adjust the search sequence of different CIDR blocks.
  • Support automatic verification and speed rating
  • Supports automatic search. You can join the Win98 scheduled task to start the search at midnight.
  • Supports saving search results and subsequent re-verification
  • Supports flexible sorting of search results
  • Allows you to export and import search results.
  • Allows you to set connection timeout and verification timeout.
  • Allows you to set verification content.
  • Support progress Time Prediction
  • Allows you to set the maximum number of connections without affecting other network programs)
  • Supports automatic searching for the latest version
  • Supports automatic proxy failover and scheduling (eliminating the need to reset the browser when changing the proxy)
  • The biggest feature is the fast search speed. You can search for up to 65536 Complete B-class addresses in 10 minutes.

3. download and install the Agent Hunter

Although the Agent Hunter V3.0 is still in beta testing stage, the new version provides functionality that is unmatched by the old version. This article describes the example of V3.0 beta5 as the Agent Hunter.

The latest version of the Agent Hunter can be by the author of the home page of the solar wind /~ Download windzh.

The downloaded proxyht300beta5.exe is a self-extracting EXE file. You can double-click it to start the installation process:

Click "setup" to go to the next step:

Click "OK" to select the default Chinese language. If you are using an English operating system, select English.

Next, click "Next" twice, and the installation process starts. After a while, the installation is complete, the installer adds the "proxy hunter V3.0" Quick Start Project to the desktop and program group. Click its shortcut to start the Agent Hunter.

A warning window is displayed when you use the Agent Hunter for the first time, prompting you to use the Agent Hunter to search for servers. If you are sure you want to use it, click "I know, please let me in !", At the same time, do not forget to select "do not display this dialog box later" to avoid prompting this window for each operation.

The main running interface of proxy hunter V3.0 is as follows:

Iv. Use of Agent hunters

The following is an example.How to Use the Agent Hunter.

1. Add a search task

Select the search task tab and click the Add task button below,

In the Add task window, select the task type. The default value is "Search URL range". click Next.

Select the "select defined range" button.

In the pop-up window above, click "open" to see the file window as shown in. The proxy hunter already provides IP address ranges for some CIDR blocks. You can select the CIDR blocks as needed to search for them. In this example, select the Hong Kong IP address range for search. Select the Hongkong. IPX file and click "open.

In this way, the IP address segment in hong kong appears in the window. Use the mouse with the shift or ctrl key on the keyboard to select multiple IP addresses and click "use" to confirm the selected region.

Return to the Add task window and click Next to enter the port selection window. Or click "select. The following window is displayed:

Click "open", select a unique default. PPC file, and open it. With the shift key, select all ports with HTTP and socks protocols, as shown in:

Click "use". A Prompt window is displayed, asking you if "search is required". Select Yes. Return to the "add search task" window and click "finish" to add the search task. Return to the main interface.

2. Start searching

Do not worry about searching. To improve search efficiency, you must configure it. Click the "run parameter settings" button on the toolbar to open the Configuration window:

In the search method, select "enable the ping first and then connect", and then click OK. Note that the default number of concurrent searches, verification, and ping by the Agent Hunter is 50, 80, and 100, respectively. If your network bandwidth cannot provide such a large number of concurrent connections, you need to reduce the number of concurrent connections to avoid affecting normal network usage.

Now you can click the start search task button on the proxy Hunter's main interface to start the search process on the proxy server.

3. Scheduling Using proxy

After a while, click the "Search Results" tab on the main interface to view the search results:

In the result list, find the item with the verification status "free" (that is, the free proxy), and right-click the menu to add the selected proxy address to the scheduling. You can add several more free agents to the scheduling list in the same way.

Go to the proxy server configuration item in the web browser, enter in the proxy server address bar, and enter 8080 in the port bar. Now, you can access the Web page through the proxy server started in the proxy hunter.

The "Agent Scheduling" tab can be used to enter the scheduling interface. As shown in the figure below, the proxy hunter automatically schedules the proxy server. Each time a website is accessed, it uses multiple proxies for browsing. Compared with a single proxy, this is a great improvement, and the access speed to the website will naturally increase.

The second article on Agent knowledge



Agent Hunter Usage Details

The Agent Hunter is a common tool that allows you to search for and verify the proxy server of a specified network segment so that you can access sites that are usually slow or inaccessible at a high speed. However, because he has too few help files and many friends still cannot understand his detailed usage methods, I sorted out some of my experience in using the Agent Hunter, write out the key points of attention for everyone to see, and skip those less important points.

Open the Agent Hunter and you will see three cards: "search task", "search result", and "Agent Scheduling". These are their three functions, they are search proxy, verification proxy, and proxy scheduling. I will focus on the first two features.

I. Search Proxy:

Click "add task" in the "search task" column to open the "add search task" dialog box. There are 3-5 options in "Task Type", which are described in detail, I will not explain it much. Generally, I will go directly to the actual step by following "Next. Click "add" in the window that appears, and then fill in the start and end IP address ranges you want to search in the new dialog box. Here is a question about how to determine the IP address segment. Because there are too many IP addresses, you cannot search all of them one by one. For example, you need to find a proxy in the same network segment as to quickly access the home page of You can open a DOS window and run Ping to obtain the IP address of gp4, then you can enter and at the beginning and end respectively. Of course, you can also increase the search range and enter and This gives you the opportunity to search for more proxy servers, of course it takes 255 times more time! Similarly, you can search for the proxy of your own IP address segment.

After confirming the search IP address range, press "Next" to enter the port and protocol selection window, and press the "add" button to open the add Port and Protocol dialog box. We usually search for HTTP proxies, therefore, the Protocol is generally set to HTTP, and the port is required. You can define a port search range, but the workload is too large. Therefore, we generally only need to search for the specified port during the search. Generally, the HTTP ports of the server are 80 or more, and some are 80, 8888, And. Other ports are rarely used. Therefore, you only need to define these four ports. Press "add" to open the "add Port" and "protocol" dialog box, select "Single Port", "80", and "HTTP", attach the bait before "mandatory search", and then confirm, add ports 8080, 3128, and 8888 in the same way, and then click "finish" to complete the search proxy settings. Click the start button above to start searching!

If you search for a large address range, you can press the "stop" button at any time to stop the address. It will remember the current location, and you can start searching from the current location next time. In addition, you can also select "Import Task List" and "Export task list" in the "search task" menu to save and read the current search progress.

Ii. Verification Proxy:

The Verify proxy function is a tool that verifies whether the agent you searched or obtained from other places is useful and how fast it is. It is very important. First, you must set the verification data. because each person has different requirements for the proxy and their verification data is also different, the useful proxy of others is not necessarily useful for you and must be verified by yourself. The verification data is set in the second tab "verify data Settings" in the "system settings" on the main menu, and the Agent Hunter itself comes with 8 verification data, which one do you want to use can be selected first, and then press the "use" button, the verification data you selected will be used for verification. However, as I said just now, each person has different requirements for the proxy, so the verification data provided by him is not necessarily suitable for you. In this case, you have to set the verification data yourself.

Now I will introduce it with the example of adding getpaid4. In "verification data Settings", select "add". Then, the "add verification data" dialog box is displayed. Enter a memorable name in "Verification name, for example, "getpaid4", the default value of the verification type is "feature string ". Fill in "" for the getpaid4 website in "Verification address", and then press "get". Then, the "get Network Resources" dialog box is opened, removing the hooks before "use proxy, then press "get" to start connecting to the getpaid4 site. You can see that the data obtained by him is displayed in the following information window, which is divided into the upper and lower windows, the window above shows the basic information of the getpaid4 server. The information in the window below is what we need. You can see <title>
-Earn cash using your computer! </Title> string. Remember that all verification data is based on the string between <title> and </title>. Select " cash using your computer!" with the mouse !" Press Ctrl + C to copy the string and click OK. You will find that the string you copied has already been filled in the feature string column. Then, confirm, the verification data you just added to the verification data list. Select the verification data you just added in the list, and then press "use". Then, he will use the verification data you set to verify your proxy.

During normal HTTP Proxy verification, if the status shows "free", it is available. Some friends need to find SMTP (that is, the mail sending server, because SMTP uses port 25, therefore, you can use port 25 when searching by the proxy Hunter, set the Protocol to HTTP, And the SMTP server is in the "non-conforming protocol" status after verification.

Finally, let's talk about the import and export of the proxy list. Under the "search result" menu, there are two options: "Import result" and "Export result", which are used to import and export the proxy list respectively, the proxy list you get elsewhere is generally a text file with the same content as 80. Each line has one, these files can be imported to the search result of the Agent Hunter using the "Import result", and then verified using your own verification data to find your own available and fast proxy. Similarly, you can export the proxy verification you found and share your results with friends!

Advanced Proxy:

1. What is Proxy Server & Q. W + q. U (B! B-T # H
The proxy server stands for proxy server. Its function is to obtain network information from the proxy network user. It is a transfer station for network information. In general, when we use a web browser to directly connect to other Internet sites to obtain network information, we must send a request signal to obtain the answer, and then the other Party sends the information back in bit mode. The proxy server is a server between the browser and the Web server. With this server, the browser does not directly go to the Web server to retrieve the web page, but sends a request to the proxy server, the request signal will be sent to the proxy server first, and the proxy server will retrieve the information you need and send it to your browser. In addition, most proxy servers have the buffer function, which is like a large buffer pool. It has a large storage space and constantly stores new acquired data in its local memory, if the data requested by your browser is stored in its local memory and is up-to-date, it will not retrieve data from the Web server again, instead, the data in the memory is directly transmitted to the user's browser. Generally, the user's available bandwidth is small, but the proxy server with a large bandwidth can be connected to the target host, greatly improving the browsing speed and efficiency. More importantly, it provides security functions. By accessing the target host through the proxy server, you can hide the user's own IP address. What the target host can see is only the IP address of the proxy server. Many network hackers hide their real IP addresses in this way to escape monitoring.
Common proxy types can be divided into HTTP proxy, socks4 proxy, and SOCKS5 Proxy based on the protocol type used. No matter which proxy is used, you need to know some basic information about the proxy server: (u k'i4 X2 D7 D)
① IP address of the proxy server
② Port of the proxy service # I5 x0 v $'4 ~ &]: J c! K
③ Does this proxy service require user authentication? If necessary, you need to apply for a user and password from the network administrator who provides the proxy. 9 {f \ 'u5 S0 _/O; k

2. What are the socks4 and SOCKS5 Proxies?

Both socks4 and SOCKS5 belong to the SOCKS protocol, but they are different because they support different applications. The socks4 proxy only supports TCP applications, while the SOCKS5 proxy can support TCP and UDP applications. However, because the SOCKS5 Proxy also supports various authentication mechanisms, such as server-side domain name resolution, but the socks4 proxy does not, Socks proxy is usually open to the outside. Therefore, generally, UDP applications are not supported. That is to say, socks4 can work on all the functions of SOCKS5, but in turn it won't work.
+ \ U & K9 ~) @
3. What is an HTTP Proxy? What is Socks proxy?

What is HTTP Proxy: WWW is no longer familiar to anyone on the Internet. www connection requests use the HTTP protocol, so we are browsing the Web page, to download data (or use the FTP protocol), you can use an HTTP proxy. It is usually bound to ports 80, 3128, and 8080 of the proxy server.

What is Socks Proxy: correspondingly, the proxy server using the SOCKS protocol is the SOCKS Server. Is a common proxy server. Socks is a hierarchical underlying gateway developed by David koblas in 1990. It has been an open standard for Internet RFC standards since then. Socks does not require applications to follow a specific operating system platform. Socks proxy is different from the application layer proxy and HTTP layer proxy. Socks proxy simply transmits data packets, you don't have to worry about the application protocols (such as FTP, HTTP, and NNTP requests ). Therefore, Socks proxy is much faster than other application-layer proxies. It is usually bound to port 1080 of the proxy server. 2
T + q2 M6 }! L) G1 V1 l! F :{
If you are on a corporate network or campus network, you may need to use socks to access the Internet through a firewall or proxy server. Generally, dial-up Internet users do not need to use it. Note: The proxy server used to browse webpages is usually a special HTTP proxy, which is different from socks. Therefore, browsing a webpage does not mean that you can access the Internet through socks. Common firewalls or agent software support socks, but the administrator needs to enable this function. If you are not sure whether socks is required or whether socks is available, contact your network administrator. To use socks, you need to know the following: 1
P-C0 R2 y, \ * I) L6 D6 K /\
① SOCKS Server IP Address
② SOCKS service port
③ Does SOCKS service require user authentication? If necessary, you need to apply for a user and password from your network administrator
With the above information, you can enter the information in "network configuration", or enter the information in the first registration, you can use the socks proxy. 9 Y5 p-F, F) f) K2 o/m
In practical applications, Socks proxy can be used as: email, newsgroup software, online call ICQ, online chat mIRC and various game applications. 2 U0 H4 H (F % ~ 4 M7 D-| % U2 C8 |
* {4 Q: r$ H * k/n
4. Where can I find the proxy?) h/} t' u! \ % G3 Z .}

The most primitive method is to use software to search for a certain network segment (there are still many tools and software for searching proxy on the internet). However, such a search proxy server can

Is a very time-consuming activity. Generally, you will not tell others about the proxy servers that you often use, because when you use more people, the speed will naturally be slow .) Q2 Z4 G5 U "A S
+ W3 ~ # O & L #'1 [/P
However, many websites and BBS provide free proxy server addresses on the Internet. You can use a search engine (such as Sohu and Sina) to check the address.
9 W2? % \/Q "^
Proxy or free proxy, you can find many similar websites.
When talking about the search Agent software, we will start to push the Agent Hunter and guide the online help instructions. Even if you are using it for the first time, there should be no major problems.

The procedure is as follows:
1.multiple proxies can be recorded from the Internet (preferably usable). Save it as a text file suffixed with ". txt" in the following format: "} 9 [/X; U; \ 7 G8 Q5 F 1080 @ socks40 F8 C/I! V # D8 A. L (K 1080 @ SOCKS5 21 @ FTP 80 @ http6 L + F-f'l7 z * V 8080 @ http0 A-W "A" \: G '? 7 L
(The preceding addresses are used as examples and are not necessarily available) $ ~ 0 B "Z # R) D: U & R) N: @ 5 r
2. Use an agent to go to the browser's browser page to import the proxy list in. txt format. 7'3 Q; j7 ^ 4 K
3. Click "system" and select "parameter settings ". 2 '-T, L # Q * t
4. On the "Search for verification Settings" Page, set the two timeout parameters in "Verification Settings .! B "m (|) B
5. Check the internet. 9x6 C4 x B, h) B + D # R

5. What kind of proxy is a good proxy?
; Q/[9 B * @ 6 G2 S * z
Good proxy standards: fast and stable, of course, the premise is free. 8 K & Y % A9 ^ 1x(G2 I/R
In Agent Hunter 3.0 or later versions, the verification time bar is "Time Characteristics", the display is similar to this: "0.9 | 1.3 | 2.6 ",

"26.3 | 0.0 | 26.3", which indicates the connection time, the first time the data is received, and the total verification time. Of course, it's better to be smaller # n! N m * T7 v $ {

. There are many factors that determine the speed of a proxy, mainly including: + C' \ 0 y9 w'x6 T: m
1. The network of the Free proxy server. The main purpose of proxy is to go abroad. Therefore, the bandwidth of the egress bureaus of the four major networks directly determines-Q3 p $ U; G (C6 u

The proxy speed. % K (C ({-^ % E W
2. Proxy server performance. As mentioned in the previous article, proxy is just a large cache, so its hard disk size and network bandwidth will
, T C2 M/L * T9 F6 Q "[
Speed of impact. This is the same as your own machine. 'Q-Z: '"M, V3 A0 e) [% |' W n:] 9 L
3. The distance between the proxy server and your machine. Proxy is mainly used for specific objects, and its geographical distribution is usually not too wide. And the majority of the network ,~ 7 k-N + \ 4 u8 I5 L; P

You won't be far away from the proxy you are using. Naturally, the longer the distance, the slower the speed ., C * F $ y, N * H3 J + W
4. The website you are visiting. This is also the reason that affects the proxy speed. If you want to access the website of the other party, you must pay attention to the standards of the other party. & J4 D: S. Z1 U -@! ~
R + I * I "B4 P: Q7 K, r1'
It is the same as the two modem with different speeds. Unfortunately, many netizens often ignore this. 8 V * C7 N, '/u8 Z' m "m

The end!


1) Why not add the verification time?
The verification time includes the connection time and the time from sending the request to receiving the data for the first time. These two parameters do not fully reflect the performance of the proxy server. This is related to your local network conditions, network load, server performance of the connected site, and the load of the proxy server. Therefore, this parameter is only for reference.

2) Why not add the verification date?
If there is no problem with the program, but I don't think it makes much sense to add it, because we use free agents. It is hard to say that one day cannot be used. What is the use of date? Verify it more.

3) Why are the two verification results not identical with the same site verification results?
This may be because the proxy server is unstable, the local network performance is poor, or the load of the verified site is too heavy. This does not mean that the verification results are inaccurate, which is related to many factors.

4) Why are the verification results of different sites different?
One reason is that the network is unstable, the test site is overloaded, or the timeout time is set too short. Another reason is that different agent configurations are different. For example, some Proxy Redirection and some proxy do not allow access to a site. We recommend that you select a stable site, such as

5) Why are some proxies unavailable in the verification results?
This often happens when ie uses the SOCKS5 proxy, because IE does not support the SOCKS5 proxy (but supports socks4), it is recommended that you select a browser that supports the SOCKS5 proxy or use another type of proxy.

6) What websites support SSL?
In the lower-right corner of IE browser, websites marked with locks are websites that support secure connection (a key is in the lower-left corner of Netscape browser ).

7) Why can't I get the verification result from
This is because the site is configured to redirect other URLs, which is in consideration of algorithm efficiency and does not deal with the issue of redirection. We recommend that you do not use this Site to test the proxy.

8) Why is there no result verified by
For the sake of program efficiency, the algorithm greatly optimizes the four built-in test sites. It is not recommended for other test sites, especially If it is used for verification, the verification results will not be obtained, and some other sites may receive results. We strongly recommend that you use the test site built in the program for verification.

9) Why do I need to import proxy data one by one?
Because the program does not assume that the file to be imported contains a writing format that complies with the proxy format. Therefore, you need to read and search and Extract files. This is especially necessary for copying a Proxy from a web page and then pasting it. However, I want to wait for the next major version upgrade to take into account the maintenance of the agent library. The agent library is maintained locally by the program, and the format is managed by the program, it will be much faster to import files by then, but the paste proxy is still considered to be searched and extracted.


1) how to copy a Proxy from a website is simpler?
When copying a proxy list from a website, you do not have to select a proxy, copy it, and paste it to the proxy list. We recommend that you copy it in the browser window, right-click and select \ "select all \" (the first line without IP addresses cannot be selected), right-click and choose \ "Copy \", in this way, all the content on this webpage is copied. In the proxy list window of the program, right-click and select \ "paste \". The program will automatically search for the proxy in the copied content and add it to the proxy list.

2) How can I quickly find the proxy I need?
If you only need a proxy for a specific range, you can select the proxy for this range in the proxy list, and then click \ "verify \". In this case, only the selected proxy is verified. Other proxies in the proxy list are not verified.

3) How can different browser windows use different Proxies?
The proxy used in the currently opened browser window will be selected from the \ "file \" Menu \ "New \", and click \ "window \" to create a browser, that is, the opened browser inherits the proxy used by the opened browser. If a proxy is used to import a proxy to the browser, the proxy used by the opened browser is not affected. The imported proxy is used only when the browser is re-opened (for example, double-click the IE icon on the desktop. The proxy is also used for the browser window created through the browser.

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