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Thank Kevindora for bringing us a wonderful tutorial again-cool summer wallpaper!

This tutorial process is very detailed, and basically each detail and color values are explained, at the same time, some of the brush and material in the tutorial are in the transparent base of the PNG format to keep, we directly download drag into the use, some of the material is white, click to enlarge will not see, you need to save with PS open view.

Final effect

< small map view big picture >

1, new blank canvas, the size of the custom, I am here is 1600 * 900, set the foreground color: #2058b5, background color is: #6fb7f2, and then from top to bottom pull a radial gradient. This is a basic color for the background, and then according to the graph and then the final color palette.

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2, in the middle of the canvas to play the text "GREEN", the font for the Chinese dragon creative body, color white. Then the font layer named "Font layer", and then copy the 3-tier standby, named "Font Layer 1, 2, 3", first close the rest of the "font layer" of the font to add layer style, parameter settings as shown below.

3, will copy the good "Font 1" to the "font layer" below, add a layer style, set the following figure, the same size will be set to: 0%, and then "Font 1" to the right parallel movement, because I want to do 3D stereo effect, so this distance you can refer to the effect chart.

4, then copy the "Font Layer 2" Before the eyes open, pull to "font layer 1" above, "font layer" below. Location and "Font Layer 1". This layer is a stroke layer, so load the font selection after Del drop, do not cancel the selection, stroke 1 pixels, white, interior.

After the selection is canceled: Filter > Blur > Motion blur, Distance 6 pixel angle is 0, finish the effect as shown below. Use Erasers to erase places where you don't feel the need to stroke.

5, open the copied "font Layer 3" front of the eye, this layer at the top of all the font layer, the opacity reduced to: 39%. The position of this layer is the same as the "font layer", and the effect is shown below.

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