PS Create the movie style special effect of "Sin City"

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Here our model is a very cool gun girl ~ Because to create a feeling of darkness and evil ~

1. New gradient map, choose Fade to black and white, if your gradient image is from white to black, to check the reverse phase Oh ~

2. Wipe on the mask of the gradient map with black brush, wipe out the bright red lips of our girl ~

3. Create a new layer, Edit > Fill, select 50% of Gray, and then change the blending mode to overlay ~

Use the deepen and dodge tools, soft brushes, and then reduce exposure by about 20%. Begin to deepen the shadows, especially the places where you can deepen your facial features Oh ~ to make the contours of the face clearer and the shades of light appear to be in harmony. When painting the eyes, we must change the size of the brush to draw again ~

4. New curve, we want to make the contrast more strong. Parameter settings as shown in the figure

5. Ctrl + A Select all, then ctrl+shift+c copy a layer and then paste to the new layer (this can also be used directly with the stamp shortcut ctrl+shift+alt+e), image > Adjustment > Color, parameter settings as shown in the figure.

6. Filters > Blur > Gaussian blur, Radius: 10px

7. Save the layer as a PSD, and name it "displacement map," so that we can replace it, and you'll be able to save another document so you can differentiate between your work document and this temporary replacement map file.

8. Change the blending mode of the layer that we just blurred to color filter, opacity 40%, so that we can make the contrast more intense.

9. Close all layers and draw a rectangle using the rectangular tool, as shown in the figure. Copy a layer, ctrl+t deformation, move down to the appropriate position, and then enter to determine, then ctrl+alt+shift+t can be equal to the distance to replicate the same size of the rectangle ~ here is the new skills get OH ~ Then build or merge these rectangles ~

Ctrl+t, distorted deformation.

11. Filter > Twist > Replacement, select the PSD document we saved previously.

11. Gaussian blur, these lines soften, radius of 16.2px, reduce opacity for 70-80%.

12. Now we're going to add some special effects, put the smoke material in, change the blending mode to lighten up and add a mask ~

13. With soft brush, the size of the brush will be larger, in the mask to erase the characters on the smoke, and then we will change the opacity to 15% Oh ~

14. Create new layer, then filter > Render > Cloud, change blending mode to soft light, opacity 25%.

15. We now select all the layers, then copy and paste to the new layer, or with the stamped image shortcut key ctrl+shift+alt+e, to filter > Other > High contrast retention, radius of 1px Oh ~

16. Change the layer blending mode to linear light, opacity for 35%~ so you can make some details more prominent Oh ~

17. In addition to the high Contrast retention layer, copy all other layers, then paste to the top and merge, filter > Blur gallery > Iris blur, place the blur ring on the face, the blur size is about 3px.

18. Create a new layer and fill it with black, add a layer mask, wipe with a black soft brush face, this step is to create a dark corner effect, and then change the opacity to 60%~ so we are finished ~ (≧▽≦)/~ la la!

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