PS darkened layer Mixed mode digital post-processing effect detailed

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Before, we have to make the underlying image to brighten the pattern of "bright", "Filter Color", "Color Dodge", "linear dodge" and "light" have a corresponding understanding, know that they can play to make the image and color to brighten the role. Then, this article describes the mode of the Photoshop layer to darken the underlying image, "darken", "multiply the bottom," color deepen "," linear deepen "and" dark ", and contrast the upper and lower layers of" difference "and" exclusion "can also play the role of dark image.

With the "color Dodge" that lightens the underlying image, the linear Dodge and light mode, the black is completely gone when you use a "darken" or "multiply" blend on the image, and any area that is brighter than black may brighten the image below. Let's start with the principle of layer blending mode:

Open Photoshop to create a new grayscale-mode square document. Open the Gradient tool on the toolbox, and in the Gradient Editor dialog box that pops up, select black and white gradient and set the smoothness value to "0%", as shown in Figure 1.

Stretch the black and white gradient from left to right on the new document, and view the histogram, as shown in Figure 2. It's interesting to compare the histogram of smoothness 100% and 0%.

Open the Layers panel, copy the "background" layer, get the "background copy" layer and rotate clockwise 90 degrees, as shown in Figure 3

Underneath the open Layers panel, by pressing the Create new fill or adjust Layer button, selecting the tone Detach command in the menu, and setting the level value to 10 in the tonal Separation dialog box that pops up, 10 levels of stripes appear, as shown in Figure 4.

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