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The reason I draw this little picture is not because of the desire to create or anything, but because a friend who has worked for three years will leave Ubi Singapore to join his wife in Canada as a parting souvenir.

In the game industry, friends and co-workers are so frequent and common. So I did not feel so sad and frustrated, just feel a little regret that a strong and friendly colleague is missing from my normal work.

I just hope that he will be smooth in the future, happy every day, so I choose to his table with a small toy as a prototype, the theme of the map, called do notworry,be happy,sunshine every day! meaning is, do not worry, happy heart, every day with the sun peers.

01. First I identified a basic hue and composition. I use green to do the background, there is the meaning of grass. And the little one, I choose orange, why? I don't know, just because I like it.

02. I add a smiley face to the little one, next to the small flower grass things, so that can look more brilliant and happier.

03. Go a little deeper and make everything a bit more like. Tomatoes are also used as prototypes for small models. The children behind the tomatoes is also because the prototype somewhere there are similar to a child, and I deal with this because it looks cheap, I like the cheap things haha.

04. Further characterization, even if only a small illustration I still choose to show some of the volume sense of the painting way, perhaps a personal habit. Add a little specular light and look close to what you want.

05. Put on his hat, because my friend is all the year round (perhaps inappropriate, because Singapore has only summer.) Every day is summer, summer and summer. With a woolen hat and a cigarette in his mouth. He was also a concept artist, so I gave him brushes and palettes.

06. Go deeper, and now it looks closer to what I want.

07. Add color to the palette, add a shadow to the cigarette, and add a high light to the hat. Before I considered the material of the wool hat is not to draw out, then feel that there is no need, but also caused by other parts of the material is not unified so give up. Considering the back to make the sun, so the picture of the overall pressure deep some.

08. Add a bit of heavy color to the ground press, as for what it is I do not know, it is not important.

09. Add some light, after all, is sunshine every day, no sunshine how can do

10. Finally adjust the color, deal with a little detail is almost.

11. Add a message note, write what you want to say, it's done! wish him happy!

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