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The tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to add the beautiful cloud effect to the scene person, takes the location wedding photograph, the weather is a key factor, affects the photograph quality directly. This picture of the wedding dress at the seaside, because the weather was not clear enough, resulting in a hazy picture of the sky, lack of level sense, lack of vitality. Hence the need to add clouds, due to the more beautiful natural environment.

The clouds fit into the more open background. When you add a cloud, be aware that the cloud tones match the tone of the entire picture, and adjust the connection between the cloud and the original view in the photo.


Effect chart

1. Make a preliminary adjustment to the photo

Add cloud money, first make a preliminary adjustment to the photo. First, use the color level tool to view the histogram, adjust the image grayscale. Make adjustments to the characters again. Use the Liquefaction tool to modify the character lines, such as the face, arms, waist and other positions. Then deal with the details of the skin and figure, and then highlight the photo.

2, enhance the degree of permeability

Photos taken by the waterside require a higher degree of permeability. Because of the weather, this picture is not enough permeability, for this add photo filter adjustment layer, select the cyan filter, as shown in the figure.

3, adjust the details

Pick the White Skirt section, add the color level adjustment layer, select the blue channel, adjust the output levels. Layer blending mode selection multiply, the opacity can be based on the picture and personal preferences to make appropriate adjustments.

Then use the Lasso tool to select the dark part of the picture and use the Curve tool to adjust the dark part.

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