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Teach you to make a wbe Mini player, a very simple playback interface. Mainly the application of layer style, the operation is absolutely simple. After finishing, modify the color God horse's pretty fast, attach four PSD source files, close!

Of course, directly with the hue and so on to modify the color, I do not agree, why, I think! In fact, after a color, directly in the source file changes in the layer style, change color will not take much longer.

Today, I'm offering a psd where we made four colors, green, blue, gray, and red, and interested friends can try other colors.

I'm here for the tutorials with the green to demonstrate!

First, create a new document, and I'm using 400x300 pixels. Create a gradient adjustment layer, do a radial gradient, the color parameter as shown below.

Draw a 320x125 rounded rectangle with rounded rectangle tool, color doesn't matter, we'll change it.

Adds a layer style to this rounded rectangle.

OK, Next, we copy the layer of rounded rectangles, right-click the layer style, hold down SHIFT and draw a rectangle, shift here is the added meaning to make sure that our newly drawn rectangular and rounded rectangles are a shape layer. Then, change the shape's path action to intersect the shape area, so that we get the shape of the lower part that we want. Sets the shape color to #68ce6b.

Next, we add a layer style to the shape of the lower part.

Next, we use the line tool, draw a straight line, put the top position of the lower half layer we just had, set the color to #119915, and now we have the following effect.

Next, we use a rectangular tool, draw a square, place it in the upper left corner, act as a picture box for the album picture, and set a layer style.

Plus our logo, there is nothing to say, of course, you can also directly use the picture, create a clip mask, because we have just set the strokes and projections, direct clipping mask, the layer style will be retained.

Next, we start to play the progress bar, first with the rounded rectangle tool to draw a long rounded rectangle, set the color to #d0d0d0, and add a layer style.

With the rectangle tool, draw a rectangle, set the color to #53ba56, and create a clipping mask, giving the part of the play a green display.

Sets the foreground color to #ebebeb, draws a positive circle, and adds a layer style.

Next, we draw a smaller circle, set the color to # 53ba56, and add a layer style.

Next, add time progress and header information, where the text is #51c054 with a color and a projection is added.

Next, add a spectrum, with a rectangular tool to draw on the line, there is nothing to talk about, the color is #119915, also add a projection.

Draw a square with a #68ce6b color with the rectangle tool and add a gradient overlay.

Copy a layer of this square button and place it on the lower part of the button, and we'll do the shading, change the color to #2b872e, set the feather 4 pixels in the property bar, and add a mask to wipe the top and bottom positions.

Next, we add play, on a song, the song of the icon, this is also super simple, nothing to say, shape do not know how to toss words, please see our Boolean operation Tutorial stickers, links photoshop-shape-tool-guide-boolean/, set the color of the icon to #119915 and add a layer style.

Fix, if want to change color, soon, our PSD provides four colors, look forward to see the different colors.

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