PS How to establish the method of layer copy and PS layer copy hidden skills

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This article describes how PS creates layer replicas and a little secret that few people know about a PS layer replica.

  First, PS build the meaning of the layer copy

A member asked PS How to create a layer copy. Before we answer this question, let's take a look at what is the meaning of the PS layer copy? We create a copy of the layer and then modify it in the layer copy without destroying the original image. In addition, some pictures require different effects to be stacked together, and new layers need to be copied to make a different effect.

  Second, PS How to create a layer copy of the 2 methods

There are two most commonly used methods about how PS creates layer replicas.

First, select the layer, press the shortcut key: Ctrl+j, immediately out of a layer copy.

Second, you will need to copy the left side of the layer to drag the layer to the following "Create a new layer" on the open mouse button, immediately out of a layer copy.

  Third, PS layer copy a little secret that's not known

We look at the following PS layer panel screenshot, when we selected 1, press the shortcut key ctrl+j, copy the layer, you will find that the copied layer will display "copy, copy 2" such words. That is, as long as the copy layer is copied, the word "copy" will appear.

Here's how to do this when you copy a layer, and then don't show "copy" again. Click the Layers Panel Options button, and the Panel options box pops up without selecting copy to add to copied layers and groups.

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