PS How to pull hair ps to pick out several methods introduced

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PS how to pull hair

Skill One: simple background picture cutout

The most effective photos, of course, come from professional studios, because they make films with a solid color background. This kind of film makes it easier for the software to find the edges of the object, but it's a little tricky to pull out the perfect-looking hair-silk effect. In this example, we will use the traditional channel to pick Tufalai this has the elegant hair of the Meng sister paper to pull out, put in a more attitude of the background.

In the PS open this photo, you can see that this is not a pure white background, but the color is still very simple and plain and Meng sister paper has a good contrast.

Pull up the channel panel and view the images under three channels, red, green, and blue respectively. The images under each channel will show slightly different shades of gray, finding a channel with the best contrast between the foreground and background colors. Drag the thumbnail of the channel to the icon of the new channel to copy the channel.

Only select this new channel, Ctrl+l (Mac user bit cmd+l) tune the Order, the Dark slider (left sideslip block) to the right, the Light slider (right slider) left, you can significantly increase the light and dark contrast. But do not too oh, otherwise the picture will appear some annoying noise point.

This time Meng sister paper became black sister paper, background area there is a large area of gray. Select the Dodge tool, reduce the opacity of the brush, highlight the range of action, and then smear it in the background area until the gray part of the background is highlighted as white (the lower left corner of the image is the model area).

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