PS made metal coating reflective effect

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PS made metal coating reflective effect

First, make custom pattern

1.1 Open the package inside the picture of the bus, copy a "This is not on the map."

1.2 to the copy of the bus picture execution filter "Twist" The water wave, the number set to 20, the undulation set to 5, the style for the pool ripple.

1.3 Edit "definition pattern, I am here lazy directly with the original name." "Pattern part made"

Second, the production background

2.1 PS to create a new file, will have a cracked texture of the picture on the background layer, based on personal preferences to adjust the size.

2.2 Click on the cracked texture layer and add the gradient overlay in the layer style to it

• Blending mode: Multiply the bottom

• Style: Radial

• Zoom: 150%

• Gradient color Right end #757575 left end #0f0f0f

This will make a simple radial gradient that pulls the gradient area to be modified.

Third, the production of type layer

1.1 Typing in, set a you think the appropriate size and word spacing "arbitrary adjustment, without words, with other graphics is OK"


    • PS Text Tutorial

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