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Often see photographers to help adjust the color of the photos, always hope that one day they can adjust it? or want to use Photoshop to build the filter effect on the Instagram, but do not know where to start? In fact, just use the "color" in Photoshop, No matter which photography master's color style, movie poster or even the color of Centennial paintings, can be applied to your image works Oh!

The following small series is a demonstration of movie poster.

I believe many friends are like small knitting, after a touch of the system in front of the screen, I do not know where to start, but in the see color rich or fresh style of the image works, always holding the mood of enviable, look forward to one day with these image-style photographers, like the color of similar photos. In Photoshop, the "color" feature, most of the teaching to correct the white balance or replace the color when used, in fact, it also allows you to easily copy other images of the specific color of the work, and apply to their own photos oh.

  Copy whole picture tones

The first demonstration for everyone, is the copy of the whole picture color, and the calculation of statistical tones, so that users can apply in the picture you want to use. Small series on the film "Miserable World" in the stills as the demonstration of this time.

(above) in Photoshop, open the picture that you want to select the hue, and the photo you want to adjust.

(above) When you cut the window to a picture that wants to adjust the hue, from the image → adjust, find the color match.

(above) you will jump out of the color adjustment column, and in the image statistics layer, select the file name that you want to retrieve the tonal photo. After the selection is complete, the photo will be applied to the overall tone of the miserable world stills to give you a preview.

(above) You can then use the image selection of lightness, color intensity and fade to adjust the desired feeling. After the adjustment is complete, press OK and save the new file.

On the left is the original photograph, and the right is the picture after applying the grim world stills tone.

  Copy a partial tint of a photo

If you find a poster or other photo, a block is the hue you want. You can also use color to copy the hue of the block and apply it to the picture you want to apply.

(above) Also on Photoshop, the two photos you want to retrieve and want to apply are opened. This time to capture the color of the stills, small series Choose the film "Place". Unlike copy's whole poster tone, you need to use the Lasso tool to circle the tonal range you want, if you want to duplicate a local hue.

After completing the loop, go back to the page where you want to apply the photo, from the image → Adjust, to find the color.

(above) in the source of image statistics, select the poster file name, remember to check "Use the selection of the source of color calculation." Also can preview the way, again for the photo to do lightness, color intensity and the effect of desalination.

(above) Small series will this photo, adjusted the lightness and fade, feel the whole picture add a few soft dreamy feeling.

(pictured above) the original photo is on the left, and the right side is a picture of the local color of the movie poster.

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