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The picture is signed by Photoshop and so on a variety of drawing tools made of pictures. Personal sign

The sign is to make some simple pictures into a beautiful, another style of pictures, netizens call them as a sign, signature map.

The above can add the font, [1] material and brush, or to pull the map, heightening light, dissolve the map and many other processing. For the mapper, the Mapper is the master of the finished picture,

In addition to drawing people to make a choice, others can not use the mapper this is a good picture sign.

Edit the category of the chart of this paragraph

There are two kinds of picture-signing: Personal sign and friendship sign. In these two kinds of signs contains a number of categories: Live sign, animation signature, antique signature, play sign and so on.

Personal sign

There is only one person on the map, and for the drafters or the mapper, the person who made the drawing or the mapper was the owner of the sign, and the person who could not use the mapper or the mapper

Make the person this picture sign (no second person), use is pilfer picture, pilfer picture is shameful. When the sign is finished, it will be added to a corner of the chart: XXX agency or To:xxx

Friendship Sign

There are more than one person on the sign, a multiplayer figure, at least two people. The mapper adds his nickname or name to the person chosen by the person. When the sign is finished, it is usually added to the picture

XXX agency. Then there is only one person who can have it written by the Mapper's PS. Friendship Sign

Anime sign

Anime sign is in the favorite anime to find the picture characters, to do the signing. Both the friendship sign and the personal sign are OK.

Real person Sign

Reality sign is from the real life to find a real picture to do the map, the real person sign more personal sign.

Antique Sign

Antique sign is a signature map with rich Chinese classical charm, which combines Chinese classical poetic conception and poetry, and forms a unique signature map with Chinese characteristics.

Play sign

The sign is from the film and television drama extract material, PS in the use of melt map and other methods, both to retain the charm of film and television dramas and fashion signs.

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To make a signature map tutorial:

A tutorial on the signature map of the classical beauty antique-drawing by PS

PS Production Landscape signature Picture Tutorial

PS make a beautiful blue tune to the real person signature Map tutorial

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