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The weather this weekend is not very good, not very suitable for going out, at home to take a unique photo of yourself! This method we introduced today is quite interesting and creative, and the main thing is to make your own photos stand out from the photos of others around you.

By combining positive and side photos, you'll get a unique, different style from your photo.

To take a picture like this, you need to take two photos: A side face, a positive picture. Use the software to combine two photos into a single photo, and then you'll see this weird, surreal or Cubism picture. Remember to keep playing back to make a good view, so that you can not only immediately see the film clearly not clear, location is correct, and can be adjusted at any time.

Using the aperture of the shallow depth of the lens will ensure that your photo is clear, even if you have a slight change in focus.

If you don't ask for perfection, it may be easier to make this effect, so it's best not to shoot as hard as you can with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Finally getting a picture is a combination of a positive portrait and a side face in both photos, creating some illusion. To get a piece of this work, you need to use the mask in Photoshop, the Warp tool, and the blending mode to achieve it.

 1. Set the camera

First put your camera on a solid tripod. Prepare an ordinary flashlight to soften the light. Set the focus on your eyes and turn the camera into a manual focus (MF). Use small-aperture circles (such as F/11) to have enough depth, even if you have a little movement.

  2. Use the timer

Set your camera to a timer, then stand in position and use a reflector to make the face without any shadow. You need to take a positive and a side face, in the course of filming, there will be many failures, many attempts to succeed. Then you can pick it up on your computer and open it in Photoshop.

3. Making Masks

Open two photos in Photoshop and make them into two separate layers. Use the Transform tool to rotate and zoom two photos to make them roughly the same size. Use a mask to hide or show a part of each photo, mix the front and side shots, and use the blending mode to overlay the two photos together.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 339853166 welcome you to join

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