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Usually art pictures need a beautiful frame to foil, to get a harmonious elegant beauty. Here we will introduce a method of making art frame.


1. Open an art photo, as shown in the first image above. Press CTRL + A to select the entire picture, and then press CTRL + C to copy the image from the selection to the Clipboard.

2. Execute the new command of the File menu to open a new dialog box. The height of the image is automatically set to the width of the copied image, in the new dialog box, because the Copy command was performed in the step. The width is increased by 10%, and the width of the height is increased to 310pixels and 440pixels respectively.

3. After setting up Click OK button, a new file will be created at this time. Press the CTRL + V key combination to copy the character image on the clipboard to the new layer layer 1 .

  4. Open the Channels panel and click the New button at the bottom of the panel to create an alpha 1 channel. At this point Alpha 1 is the current channel and the image is dark.

5. Use the rectangular marquee to select a rectangular area in the alpha 1 channel. The rectangular selection should be smaller than the copied image and in the middle of the image.

6. Press the Alt+delete key combination to fill the selection with white. Then press the CTRL+D key combination to cancel the selection.

7. Select the "Filter/distort/ripple" filter and set amount to 700,size as medium in the Ripple dialog box. Click the OK button to get a wavy edge effect.


8. Open the Layers panel and click the Layer 1 layer. Executes the load selection command under the Select menu, loading the alpha 1 channel.

9. Press the Ctrl+shift+i key combination to reverse the selection, set the background color to yellow, press the Ctrl+delete key combination to use the background color yellow fill.

10. Press the CTRL+D key combination to cancel the selection, use the cutting tool to cut off part of the edge, and finally get a more satisfying art frame.


Summary: The wave edge of the art frame is made using the ripple filter. You can adjust the size of the amount value according to the actual need to get a satisfactory wave edge. In addition, the function of the alpha channel is also used. The alpha channel has the ability to edit and save a selection, and it is used a lot in the actual image production process.

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