PS Mouse painting The Beast in the closet detailed tutorial

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Let's take a look at the final chart of the tutorial:

The most important thing I've learned from my professional work is that you need to collect references before you start making a new artwork. So before starting a new project, I always think of a general concept of the work to be produced, and then collect as many references as possible to make the concept more accurate.

The main reference material for this particular project comes from the film and art books Monster company, and I would like to say that there is no magic brush in the creation process, and there is no mysterious plugin to make you paint like Leonardo da Vinci. Everything I've learned and added to this project is done by watching Gnomon DVDs, talking to other experts and observing their work. The important thing is to understand the main concepts and how to add what you have learned.

I soon identified a cartoon style that created the image of a child who liked to bully. Then I began to imagine what he would do if the child didn't know what was out of the closet (Figure 01).

Figure 01

After the general concept was set, I started to do the exact work. Do further work on the designed roles and scenarios (Figure 02).

Figure 02

Next I want to consider the color and color of the picture in the scene of the division. So I did a preliminary color study, which made it clear to me what I would do to get the results I wanted (Figure 03).

Figure 03

I think it is important to do this, especially if you are working from a professional point of view to make a project. During this stage of production, I decided to set the main light source of the picture to come in from the window, with the background light coming from the opposite door (Figure 04).

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