PS Multiple Map puzzle

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PS Multiple Map puzzle

Use QuickTime virtual Reality (QTVR) technology to make photos into an interactive movie format, allowing viewers to freely adjust their horizons, as if they were actually standing on the scene.

1 Open Image

Go to Photoshop, execute file > Open commands, and follow the path to select the photos you want to synthesize, and you can name them uniformly.

In the example we used six raw files prefixed with "Panorama_before", click on the Open button.

Adobe Camera Raw will automatically eject.

2 Check Overflow

Select Panorama_before03.cr2 and use the shortcut key o to turn on the high light trim warning. The over-exposed highlight will be identified in the form of a red color block.

Raising the Repair slider setting value to 70 can significantly inhibit the range of the exposed area. But now is not the time to adjust this setting, so restore it to 0.

3 Batch Processing

In order to ensure that there is no difference between the light and shade when shooting, we use 1/125 second shutter, F/11 parameters, so if you need to adjust the recovery slider, you must adjust the six photos together.

Click the Select All button in the upper-left corner and then set the recovery slider to 70 to apply the changes to all photos.

4 Color Enhancement

After you perform the adjustment, a small gray circle appears in the lower-left corner of each thumbnail on the left to indicate that the adjustment settings have been applied to the photo.

Restore the high light details will let the overall color performance of the picture drop, the natural saturation to +55 can make the color of the screen to restore the effect before the high light recovery.

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