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Since the computer desktop and mobile desktop can be free to change the theme, then give the calculator to replace the theme is not difficult, as long as the master of Photoshop to draw the Crystal button method, then design a crystal texture and is the crisp orange theme of the skin calculator is so easy!

Creates a new file with a pixel size 300*400, a resolution of 100, and a canvas size of 12*12. It's best to choose a light background

Draw a rounded rectangle on the canvas, size 18cm*2cm. Select the rounded rectangle directly, the layer--pixel--layer, that is, let the rounded rectangle from the shape to the layer (in the history of the ' pixel layer ' shows the rounded rectangle has been pixel)

Using the Magic wand to select shape 1 is the pixel of the rounded rectangle, point image-Go color. Layer Menu--inner shadow. Setting the rounded rectangle is the effect of the calculator screen. The blending mode of the layer/layer style projection is a positive overlay with a color of 99CCFF. The parameters are shown below.

And then set the inner shadow, the color is 99CCCC. The opacity is 70%, the angle is 20, the global light is used, the blocking value is 1% or 2%, and the contour is semicircle.

Bevel and Emboss effect: style for pillow relief, method of carving soft. Depth 50%, direction selection [next]. Size and softening values are default. Shadow angle 20, Height 30, use global light. The gloss contour is preset for presets. Input 65%, Output 55%

Sets the color overlay, the blending mode is multiply, and the color is 66CCFF. Opacity 60%. Then set the gradient overlay, the blending mode is normal, the opacity is 30%, the style is linear, and the angle is 90%. Scale 90%. Finally, in the Image menu, ' Gradient map ', select ' Reverse '

Then use the rounded rectangle tool to draw a calculator key, the size is 4cm*3cm. The default is Shape 2, select shape 2 in the Layer bar, right-click [Blending options]. Set the following modes and parameters in the blending options.

Then select the shape 2 layer and copy the layer. I've copied 22 of the same layers altogether. After the layer is copied, add a key, the size of 4cm*6cm. Sets the color to orange. Parameters as long as the feeling and the above key parameters of the same, or not much difference. (The parameter value of the above keys is not absolute, it feels comfortable.)

Finally, add the text layer. Position the text so that it is placed in the middle of the button

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