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Let's take a look at the final effect chart:

(Oia town, Santorini, Greece, 20 million pixels, equivalent to 40 million pixel clipping, SIGMA DP1 Portable digital camera)

The original image is too large, up to 50M, will be compressed 10 times times after (4M), providing you download to see the effect, even after such a large compression, the details are still amazing. This film has a watermark, only for Shadow friends reference

On the last issue of "filming", in the last period, said the shooting panorama of the 5 points: The parameters should be changed, appropriate overlap, to have a benchmark horizontal line, vertical film, and do not try. The various parts of the panorama, this period is mainly about how to easily "change" the photos into a super high pixel, perfect, shocking scenery blockbuster. Instead of spending a dime upgrading your camera or camera.

TIPS: There's a tool software to use here, Adobe PhotoShop CS3, remember it must be CS3, before this version, there is no way to put a few photos of the pictures together into a panorama, but from this version, the Panorama has become a very easy thing, Even if the film "crowded" (this in the past, is the most difficult panorama puzzle the most likely to fail), even the master often also takes a long time, but now as long as you follow the 5 shooting tips to shoot, 2 minutes, the success rate can be said to be 99%.

PhotoShop CS3 is a picture editing tool software, here does not say the complex application, as long as will be simple computer operation, may follow the step step-by-step to do.


There are DX says Photoshop CS4 can "spell RAW format", I personally upgraded to CS4 did a lot of experiments, it should be said that the so-called "spelling raw format" is very ridiculous, that is CS4 automatically solve the raw format after the do, have a number of professional pants put p suspicion, and can not be stored back raw, Nor can it be modified without prejudice. With raw spelling of the film or the first tune together into a JPEG and then collage better.

At present, my experiment, CS3 is the best choice, CS4 although there is a rise, but the rate of error seems to be higher than CS3, I recently used CS4 to fight the film 30% have a small mistake, so that I have to put back to CS3.

Step one: Automatic panorama integration See figure:

1. Open Adobe PhotoShop CS3 (or more versions)

2. Point Automatic-photomerge

3. In the Out of the dialog box Midpoint Bower (Browse), the film to fight all selected, here do not have to consider the order of filming, as long as the election can be

4. Select cylindrical (third positive number) choose, here why not the auto, here if you are a little bit of computer will not be, you can choose the first auto option, but the program will be like a wide-angle lens to deal with distortions, to compensate for the effect of perspective, this is very simple to make a "trim "It's all done, but the perspective of the effect is often a little too extreme, the loss of quality is larger, PS will automatically stretch the picture Four corners, many times is not the best state, not only waste imaging, and although the picture in the line" horizontal vertical ", but not the comfort of human eyes, In fact, people see scenery is also deformation, choose cylindrical spell out after a simple adjustment on it.

See figure below

5. Click OK, at this time CS3 will automatically put together the picture, general 2-5 minutes, completely do not need you to operate, including color, line, brightness, CS3 will automatically do well, this let a person very relieved, a panorama of the embryonic form came out, in the lower right corner of the layer can be seen, In fact, each photo only uses a small part of the center, the so-called "take its essence", think, such a film imaging can not be good?!

Why more use of sigma DP1 to tile, on the one hand because I go out in general is the D3+DP1 combination of two machines, D3 raised on the clap, DP1 is more used to carefully take some scenery, and due to the characteristics of x3f imaging, so that after the collage, if you need to do in the ultra large printing when the interpolation amplification, The effect is better, plus DP1 lens is not easy to dark angle, the SPP batch processing is very convenient, DP1 half of the time is used to make a collage, a go out to dozens of pieces of satisfied large pixel tiles, the more the more the feeling of DP1 is a piece of jigsaw.

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