PS Professional Portrait post-decoration Tutorial: The gradual reform of the exterior grey sky beautification technique

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Using digital cameras to shoot portraits has been more than 10 years old, photographers have been familiar with the use of digital cameras, reached the point of perfection. But there are still some problems with using a digital camera to take photos,

Of course, these problems may be due to environmental and weather effects caused by the impact of these problems in the latter part of the show.

Many photographers may have been photographed on the scene when the sky is not intact under the experience, causing these problems are many reasons. Cloudy, the sky itself is gray white, so it is difficult to shoot a beautiful sky;

Sunny days But because the light is too strong can not perfect left the image of the sky. No doubt this flaw will reduce the score of the photo effect, which is also a problem many photographers have a headache.

In this article, mainly based on the landscape portrait of the gray Sky Landscaping as the main line, to introduce how to use the late to solve the left behind the scene shooting sky problems. Use later adjustment and replacement techniques to make a portrait of a gray sky

Decorated into a beautiful sky, so that the photos taken to more artistic, more beautiful.

For the adjustment of the sky in this article explained three methods, respectively: color, gradient method, placement method. Of course, the use of these three methods does not have a clear line, as long as the gray sky photos can be

Decorated using one of three methods.

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Second, the gradient method:

The gradient method uses the gradient mask to blend the sky material into the photo, which is suitable for most of the missing sky photos and is easy to operate.

Effect Chart:

Example Demo:

1, open a need to change the sky photos 01, you can see the blank is already pure white.

2, the implementation of Curve command, the first picture of the brightness and contrast to make adjustments, as shown in Figure 02.

3, found that some people's legs are not enough light, the use of lasso circle characters legs and skirt part and feather 100 pixels, and then use the curve to highlight, as shown in Figure 03, 04.

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