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1: Highlight the Dark part: Shadow highlights, parameters such as figure

2: Adjust the overall color: curve, channel-Red 1 points (output 0, input 18)

2 o'clock (output 255, enter 245)

Channel-Blue 1 point (output 0, input 34)

2 o'clock (output 248, enter 255)

3: Dark color: Optional colors, black (cyan-23%, magenta +3, Yellow-16%,)

4: Color balance: Shadow (Red-13 Green 0 Blue-3)

Middle Tone (Red-3 Green 0 Blue 0)

Highlights (red +2 green 0 Blue +3)

5: Overall lower yellow, is the photo has a sense of freshness: Photo filter (color: blue, Concentration: 10%)

6: Press the floor highlight characters, create a new layer, fill color black, reduce opacity to 25%, with eraser tool to wipe out the characters

7: Adjust the characters of the details of the color, circled with lasso, optional color, red (black-12) Yellow (yellow-29, black-42)

8: Selections such as Figure/optional color: Red (Black-24), yellow (yellow-40)

9: Selections such as Figure/optional color: Red (cyan-70), Yellow (yellow-35 black-20)

10: Selections such as Figure/optional color: Red (cyan-39%)

Color balance/middle tone (red +14 green 0 Blue 0)

11: Selections such as figure/color balance/middle tone (red +18 green 0 Blue 0)

12: Use imitation stamp to modify the face, pay attention to the contour of the face! Use the tool to deepen the clothes properly!

13: Press the dark around, create a new layer, fill the color black, reduce the opacity to 10%, with the eraser tool to wipe out the characters

14: Circle the characters out, lower yellow, optional color: yellow (yellow-46%)

15: Plus contrast, color levels/settings as shown

16: Adjust the color of the dark, optional color: Black (cyan-4%, yellow-5%)

17: Circle The face of the dark part of the light, curve/mode RGB/1 point (output: 133, input 118)

18: The prepared material dragged into the photo, adjust the appropriate position, blending mode (color), in the Add a mask, with eraser tool to rub the face of the characters a little bit!

19: Four weeks with lasso tool circle, brightness contrast (brightness-3 contrast +81) to enhance the contrast around!

20: The dark part of the dark point, so that the picture more layered, curve/mode RGB/1 point (output: 0, input 18)

Finally put the photo nose slightly modified, plus logo, this chapter color finish, you can add some of their own ideas in it! Thank you for your support!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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