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has been focusing on a number of issues on the tone, many in the studio engaged in the design work of the peer market will encounter some of these problems, the natural hue has been unable to meet customer demand,

Many of the steps in the art of network tutorials are cumbersome, and have been unable to find a suitable way to color. I am here to share a piece of their own color palette experience.

The author usually thinks three questions in the color palette.


What light feels comfortable on the current film?


What tones match the theme of the current movie?


What is the way to make the main character prominent, become the focus of the theme, but not too abrupt?

Take care of the first question and the next question is not a problem. Sometimes in the face of hundreds of pieces a day, meticulous color, that is nonsense. Targeted processing has become a very good way to color.

We are not doing sample development, we are not faced with peers, but a group of indefinitely customers. (Complain, network tone and beauty Mito so many digital division are looking forward to the end of 2012)

I share a color palette, everyone to smash bricks, a quick way to color.

Effect Chart:


The front mainly handles several questions, slightly modifies, the personage's light and shade, the skin unification

1. Hit the Kaiyuan chart first, use the color level to light up a bit. Highlight on the color scale, not with the White field slider, to use the middle Gamma value button.

2. Color range (ALT+S+C) proposed the character skin constituency, because of the light, the character complexion is brighter, so to pressure back, to avoid subsequent operation exposure.

The parameter of the curve lightens everybody looks at to do, Titus, drops the transparency to be possible, if is not the layer operation, may choose a quick way, ctrl+shift+f (Fade),

The opacity set here is 50%.

3. The first two to solve the problem, here selected a relatively gray soft light, the third step to give him a hue up. I prefer to use color bands to tone up.

After you set the parameter, the opacity is 30%

4. See the above tone is not very perfect, we want to make the color more bright bright, color balance is a good choice. 5.

Let the picture level, the whole picture is now a tune, obviously not very good-looking, let the color of high light change slightly, there will be some different taste.

(This step I would usually consider, let the highlights, the middle gray and the dark part of the three positions of the color at some level of change)

6. This is the trick to come, the adjustment in front does not look like, this step is simply the sky, many samples will have such operations, or similar operations.

Add a halo and use the blending mode to render the picture effect. This recruit hundred Test Lark's. The blending mode of this layer is linear dodge


Duplicate one layer, high contrast retention 1.3, blending mode-linear light, reduced to the appropriate sharpness, OK.

At the end of the roll: Here are several general directions, in such a few layers, when you change the color inside the group, it is easy to change the overall tone, and as long as the appropriate parameters, integrity is quite strong,

Many people say do not know how to color, how to innovate, color palette command on so many, or color gradation with color balance, or color balance with the curve and so on.

Color change also red, green, blue, green, yellow, magenta six colors in each other to match, reconcile. The light is grey and black. As long as the six-color three tune to the bone, countless changes naturally came out.

Final Effect Chart!

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