PS Simple 9-step making edge of the photo paper

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Effect Chart:

First find a piece of material, I just saw the theme of Beijing opera. I also find a picture of Hua Dan of Peking Opera. * The silk can take the time now to be able to masturbate ~

1, new 1200x1600 white background file, paste into any pictures you find, my is Hua Dan, very beautiful. The front several * silk all unconscious the ~

2. Hide this trouble. In the upper-left corner of the picture, frame a one-fourth size marquee. Create a new layer of fill black, do not cancel the marquee, and then build a layer of fill white, is the color of the paper. At this point you should not see the black layer.

3. Uncheck the box, click on Layer 9 (I am in order of my own layer), for deformation operation. Simulate the effect of a slightly rolled paper corner.

4. Click Layer 8, which is the black layer. Now make the shadow effect, the black part of Gauss Blur 1.0, now a bit like.

5. Continue to finish processing the shadow. Select the two corners of the shadow with an elliptical marquee with a feather of 30 pixels, Gaussian blur 30.0

6. The shadows are too dark! Set the transparency to around 60%. Then use the eraser to erase some of the top shadows slightly.

7. Press CLRT left mouse to select the paper selection box. Use the Select-Modify-shrink command to shrink by 5 pixels, and create a new layer filled with blue standby. We'll use it to limit the scope of the picture.

8. I am a perfectionist, so there should be a Pushpin on the paper.

At this point, the task was completed one-third. To make the interface more concise and efficient, I built a group to move the four layers into it.

9. Copy four groups, one word in line.

Build another group, pull these four groups in, try to do layer interface at a glance. Then continue the copy arrangement. There is no such perfect arrangement in real life. So we open the Group one by one and fine-tune the position of the paper. Make them look more natural.

It looks better now, but it's not the best. Let's imagine a gust of breeze blowing up the nailed pieces of paper on the wall. Some of the paper will raise a high point, a little gray low. We continue to simulate this effect. Randomly looking for a few pieces of paper with the deformation tool to fine-tune the degree of corner roll. Remember that the blue layer also has to be changed.

Finally I got the effect.

If you have more than my patience, you can make each piece of paper is different, that is true! Below we want to do the final effect, add the picture, this should not be difficult. It is estimated that many birds know how to do it. Select blue with the color range and the tolerance is adjusted to 0.

Select blue with the color range and the tolerance is adjusted to 200. Get a blue selection.

〈p〉 Copy picture on top, done!

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