PS synthesize a fire dragon raging scene

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To create a new file, the size I use here is 1500x700 pixels. Put the material into the mountain, resize it, and place it on the right.

Add another peak material, resize and position. and add a mask to make the scene transition natural.

On the top of the peak on the left, create a level adjustment layer in the form of a clipping mask.

Put the material into the dragon, and adjust the size of the position.

Add Sky material, resize and position.

The left side of the sky is a little empty, copy part of the sky, put on the left.

Create a new layer and fill it with black. Perform filter-render-cloud to change the layer blending mode to soft light.

Add a "black and white" adjustment layer with the parameter set to default.

Add a "levels" adjustment layer to enhance the black and white contrast. And the shape of the dragon added to the mask, because the dragon itself is black enough, and then black too dark.

Add a "curve" adjustment layer.

Below, we add flames. Open the flame material that I provide, choose the flame, pick the fire, the channel or the quick choice is not a matter. Paste the flame into the document, adjust the size and position, and properly deform, let the flame look like spit out from the mouth. and change the flame layer blending mode to "color Dodge".

Next, we repeated the selection of some smaller flames, the same method of operation, so that they surround the dragon and our scene.

Create a new layer, set the foreground color white, with rounded edge brush, opacity control around 50%, draw some white dots around the dragon, simulate some mist wrapping effect.

Below, we do the effect of particle scattering, using lasso tools in the flame we just pulled the picture, draw some small point, of course, with some particle brushes and so on, poor I have no brush, I manually. After pasting the dots into the document, the same change layer blending mode is "color Dodge", which performs "filter-blur-Motion blur", setting the angle to 45 degrees and a distance of 18 pixels.

The same way to make other particles.

Create a "curve" adjustment layer, pull an S-curve, strengthen the contrast, and mask the part with a layer mask.

Now we give the screen hue, create a "gradient map" adjustment layer, a gradient from # 290a59 to # ff7c00, and change the layer blending mode to "soft light."

Add a brightness/contrast adjustment layer, brightness +10, contrast +30.

Create a new layer, fill the black, and perform "filter-render-cloud" to change the layer blending mode to "soft light" and opacity to "50%".

Ctrl+alt+shift+e stamped layer, performs filter-other-high contrast retention, sets a radius of 20 pixels, changes the layer blending mode to "light", and opacity "30%".

Ctrl+alt+shift+e the layer again, performs filter-other-high contrast retention, sets a radius of 1 pixels, and changes the layer blending mode to "overlay".

Ctrl+alt+shift+e stamped layer, perform "Filter-Filter gallery-style-illuminate edge", Set edge width 2, edge brightness 6, smoothing degree 5, change layer blending mode to "soft light", opacity to "20%".

Ctrl+alt+shift+e the last stamped layer, convert to smart object, perform "filter-blur-Gaussian blur" and set the blur radius to 5 pixels.

On the mask of the smart filter, apply the rounded edge brush, leaving the part that we don't want to blur.

Final effect:

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