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I. Background Preparation

1. Prepare the background

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop and go to File > new (or press the control-N keyboard) to create a new document.

Sets the width to 1400 pixels, the height is 2100 pixels, and the resolution is 300.

Drag the name "Background.jpg" into.

2. Open a picture of the cloud, then drag it into the newly created layer. Place the material at the top level and name it: Clouds, put it in the middle.

As the drawing circle shows, clouds and backgrounds need to be fused.

Create a mask for the cloud picture, then use a soft brush (black) and set the transparency to 60% to erase the selected area.

Until the wiping effect reaches the following picture:

  Second, color adjustment

1. Then create a hue/saturation at the top level, as shown in the figure. Brightness-30, saturation-30.

2. To make the top sky more dreamy, you need to dim it a little. Create a new curve, as shown in the figure.

Because you just want to adjust the top part of the picture, we need the gradient tool to adjust it properly.

First we want to open the gradient tool and select a linear gradient. Then adjust the settings for the gradient tool.

The settings are as shown: Select White #ffffff.

Then use our set up gradient tool to start adjusting the image in the curve mask until the effect looks like this:

3. In order to make the picture more dreamy, you will increase the opposite effect in this step.

Then create a new-curve, set as shown in the following figure.

Now there are 5 layers in your layer, as shown in the following figure.

  Iii. increasing the number of people

1. Drag the character material in and rename it "man"

In the character material to add a mask, with a soft brush (black), transparency 70%, and then gently wipe the leg part of the character material, the final effect of the following figure:

2. In order to improve the brightness of the character, create a new "curve", just to improve the brightness of the character instead of raising the entire layer, set the "curve" for the clipping mask.

  Four, create aperture

1. Drag the "inner" material in and place it on the top floor. Copy "inner", then name "Inner Light2", and then duplicate a layer, named "Inner Light 3".

Hides "inner light2" and "Inner Light 3", and displays only "inner".

As shown in the picture, you can check the order of your layers:

2. The next step is to merge your "inner" layer with the other layers. To set layer blending mode:

Filter. To make it work better, add a mask to it, with a soft brush (black), transparency: 60%

The following figure cyan place, wipe.

In the diagram below you can see the effect in one step.

3. Display "Inner light2", layer Blending mode: color filter.

To make the aperture different, ctrl+t, select 180°, and then determine.

Create a mask for the layer, wipe the same as the previous steps, and wipe the middle ball.

The effect is shown in the following illustration:

4. After the "Inner Light 3" Also, ctrl+t, rotate 90 °.

Layer Blending Mode: color filter.

Add a mask and wipe the middle part.

5. Drag into the "portal" material, placed at the top level, and named "Portal".

Layer Blending Mode: color filter.

This spherical object is slightly brighter in the middle, reducing some brightness, adding a mask, a soft brush, and using the previous steps to wipe the settings.

The effect is as shown in the figure:

6. Add hue/saturation, set to clipping mask, Hue:-60 saturation:-50, Brightness:-10

7. This step you say makes your picture slightly darker.

Curves, set as shown in the figure:


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