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1. Rectangle Tool

Four properties

1. Constituency
2. Overlapping selections
3. Subtract a selection
4. Regionalization narrowing of the constituency

Style: Fixed proportional fixed size normal

The first two can be set to a wide height

3. Quick Selection Tool, magic wand tool

Quick Select tool:

Three properties

1. Constituency
2. Add a selection
3. Subtract a selection


Size hardness spacing angle four properties

Note: You must select the current layer when you use the Quick Select tool to cutout the graph

Magic Wand Tool:

1. New constituencies
2. Add a selection
3. Delete a selection
4. Selection Cross


Range of values for the selection color settings

Continuous, anti-aliasing
Anti-aliasing can make a selection smoother
The establishment of successive separate constituencies

Selection changes

Rectangle Selection Tool Paint Bucket Select the current tool modify-shrink-adjust the range of the rectangle to fill it up to be different
Boundary modification-bounds can adjust the border color of a rectangle
Smooth Modify-smoothing to adjust the smooth style of the rectangle boundary
Extended modify-expands to create a larger rectangle in the original rectangle boundary

About background color use Ctrl+del to select a background color

Crop Tool
1. Presets: Commonly used sizes
2. Wide Height
3. Overlay of clipping guides: Reference line shear assist (mesh thirds) masking clipping remaining background masking

2. Perspective Crop Tool: 1. Three-dimensional effects can be cut into a flat effect

3. Slicing tool: (Web cut) can cut the page into a complete small block, to facilitate the uploading and browsing of images
Cutting Web magic boards into different tools
Slice selection Tool: Press and hold the current slice selection to turn orange

2. Slice option Slice type image-table (used when Web page has table) name: file name
Address bar: Specific address

3. After using the graph tool to save to an HTML file using the Web, each slice can choose a format and a split folder will be generated.
Opening a file opens a browser view

PS Toolbox Summary

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