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Today, the PS tutorial brings you color extraction and application skills in Photoshop. I hope it will help you.   Today, the PS tutorial brings you color extraction and application skills in Photoshop. Hope to help you!

Figure 00

1. how to extract appropriate colors

A feature in PS is mainly used: storage is in the WEB format

Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S

(Click an image to view the larger image ):

Figure 01

There are two steps

  1. find a chart

Key steps: determine the style you want, find a large number of images that meet the style requirements, filter and compare them, and select several images that meet your requirements to start color extraction.

Because there is no clear style and direction this time, I found a colorful image from the masterpiece appreciation, and the spirit is positive and the size is very large (select the picture as much as possible to find a large image, when the color is extracted, the color will be very positive.) the pictures start their tutorials. Galaxy S4 comes with wallpapers.

Figure 02

  2. extract color

Put the selected image in PS and click "storage web Format" (if there is no color, you can adjust the color in PS and then extract the color ). The larger the number, the more color block, depending on your requirements ).

In the color display area, 8 colors are left (automatically filtered according to the unit area occupied by the screen). click the drop-down button on the right of the color area to find the "storage color table". Store it on the desktop or easily accessible. Then open it with PS. the color palette shows the color you just extracted.

Figure 03

3. color extracted successfully: 8 colors of three colors

Isn't it very simple? let's take a look and go to the second part.

Figure 04

II. how to apply the extracted colors

According to the color we extracted in the first step, we made a Metro-style community page (the content inside can be ignored, rather than text ). First feel...

Figure 05

Simply speaking about color, this topic is really hard to say, because what we finally want is to present the content of the interface, so that graphics, text, and color are coordinated, rather than color arrangement chromatography, therefore, the framework layout and content presentation layers are involved.

Figure 06

This page is similar to the current mainstream website framework. it consists of three parts: navigation area, banner, and content area.

 The specific color application is:

The color of the navigation text and logo is the shortest blue. The banner area has a big background. here we use the picture we started. The logo on the top uses the deepest blue. The three colors of the extracted color appear in the content area. if only the remaining colors are arranged, the color will be very red and unacceptable at all. Therefore, I found several images to adjust the color and rhythm. Now it seems that the effect is good. The text color in the content area is the same as that in the navigation text, which is the shortest blue.

The buttons in the content area do not use the extracted color, but overlay the white color and adjust the transparency. I hope you can use this technique flexibly. if you rely solely on machine programs, you will still feel hard to find. If you are really interested in design, do not forget the three-plus aspects of the designer: reading more, thinking more, practicing more, seeing, understanding, and expressing it in your own form.

The above is an introduction to Photoshop's color extraction and application skills. I hope it will help you!

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