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Gravity daze (Gravity Rush)
Vertigo of gravity: the disturbance produced by the internal universe of his daughter in the regression of the upper layer
Close encounters between French comics and mixed roles
(Translator's note: the original article is bande dessin é e, which can be translated into French cartoons or synonymous with English comic strips)
This project was evaluated by the overseas Game media Most beauul ul Game among many PS Vita games. The visual effects were well received before the release, this time, we will explore new challenges for developers.

Original article: CGWORLD
Translation: Trace
Proofread & Note: qianma GaN

Attractive and unknown visual effects and actions in new hardware
In this article, we started the development of the [combination of comic strips and gravity movements] proposed by the Director, Mr. Toyo. Mr. Yamaguchi, who received the artistic guidance of this task, wants to explore how to implement these concepts in art processing. Because he has joined Japanese animation and foreign comic strips, the new form of game is targeted. Therefore, I joined the Japanese animation style role in the Japanese style Background of Mr. Mountain's beloved comic bar writer Mobius. Mr. Qi Teng, who is in charge of role design, said that this role should not only be accepted by the Japanese market but also by overseas markets. Therefore, roles cannot simply be close to animations, instead, the visual effects of American or French cartoons should be taken as the goal.
In the development of this document, we must note that this document does not use a general division of labor as the basic development system, but uses a role model to assemble bones, all animation production systems are dedicated to roles by the same employee. In this way, the communication expenses between various projects are reduced. In addition, it is the responsibility of the same employee, which facilitates the unification of impressions and the establishment of roles, in addition, the goal of improving employees' enthusiasm is also achieved.
Also, as one of the characteristics of this work, it has improved the open world style. In this way, the scenario is not divided. Although the box style that can be used everywhere is used as the target, everything can be done, which means that all the places where players walk must have details. In short, compared to General games, you can use the billboard processing method to control resources. Both the vision and the near view require the same quality of data. For this problem, developers can use the real attention method and practical efforts to solve the problem.
In this way, players will definitely want to purchase and try it. Enjoy the colorful new game world from the PS Vita display.

The photo starts from the left.
Mr. Qi Teng, role design and model operations director
DEMO guide owner, Mr. Sun
Director of Art & BG & Mr. Yamaguchi, technical art
Director Mr. Toyo yamuichiro
Mr. Tu Cang Liwei, An Action System Programmer
Main program Mr. Heng chuanyu
(The above are all employees of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc)


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