Putty Change the Terminal Font

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Putty Change the Terminal Font

Summary:change the font displayed when accessing remote systems with Putty, and configure anti-aliasing for display Quali Ty.

If you ' re tired of the default font that putty uses to access systems, it can easily is changed. You can also alter whether or not Putty anti-aliases text. 

1. Open Putty.

2. Click on the ' Session ' link in the left pane.

3. In the right pane, click "Default Settings", or a defined session and then the "Load" button.

4. Expand the "window" tree in the left pane.

5. Click "Appearance" in the left pane.

6. In the right pane, underneath "Font settings", click the ' Change ' button to change the terminal output font.
Putty font settings

7. A Standard "Font" dialog box appears where can select the Font name, style, size, and script (note that only fixed- Width fonts can be used). Click "OK" to close the dialog box when you have made your selections.

8. Back at the configuration screens, click one of the radio buttons underneath "Font quality" to change your anti-aliasing Method

* antialiased
* non-antialiased
* ClearType
* Default

9. Click on the ' Session ' link in the left pane.

Choose the session name you chose in #3, or "Default Settings".

Click the "Save" button.

Note If you change the default settings, you'll still need to the change of the settings for each saved session.

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