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Gtkinfobar inheritance Relationship Methods Virtual Methods Properties Signals Example


Gtk.infobar is used to display information to the user without displaying a dialog box dialog. It is often at the top or bottom of the document. Its API is very much like an inheritance relationship with Dialog

Gtk.infobar is a direct subclass of

method modifier method name and parameter
static New ()
add_action_widget (Child, response_id)
Add_button (Button_text, response_id)
get_act Ion_area ()
get_content_area ()
ge T_message_type ()
Get_show_close_button ()
response (response_id)
set_default_response (response_id)
set_message_type (message_type)
set_response_sensitive (response_id, setting)
Set_show_close_button (setting)
Virtual Methods
Do_close ()
Do_response (response_id)
Properties Short
Name Type FlagsDescription
Message-type Gtk.messagetype r/w/c/en The type of message
Show-close-button bool r/w/c/en Whether to include a standard close button
Signals Short
Close The:: Close signal are a keybinding signal which gets emitted when the user uses a keybinding to dismiss the info bar.
Response Emitted when a action widget is clicked or the application programmer calls Gtk.Dialog.response ().


#!/usr/bin/env Python3 # section 060 #-*-Mode:python; Py-indent-offset:4-*-# vim:tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab # Copyright (C) Red Hat, Inc., John (J5) Palmieri & Lt;> # This library are free software; Can redistribute it and/or # modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General public # License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
Either # version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. # This library is distributed in the hope that it'll be useful, # but without any WARRANTY;  Without even the implied warranty of # merchantability or FITNESS for A particular purpose.
The GNU # Lesser general public License for more details. # You are should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General public # License along and this library; If not, write to the free Software # Foundation, INC, Wuyi Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 # USA TITLE = "Info Bars" DESCRIPTION = "" "Info Bar widgets are used to rePort important messages to the user. 
        "" "Import gi gi.require_version (' Gtk ', ' 3.0 ') from Gi.repository import GTK class Infobarapp:def __init__ (self):
        Self.window = Gtk.window () self.window.set_title (' Info Bars ') self.window.set_border_width (8)

        Self.window.connect (' Destroy ', gtk.main_quit) VBox = Gtk.vbox (spacing=0) self.window.add (VBox) Bar = Gtk.infobar () bar.connect (' response ', self.on_bar_response) Vbox.pack_start (bar, False, False, 5 ) Bar.set_message_type (Gtk.MessageType.INFO) button = Gtk.Button.new_from_icon_name ("Help-about", Gtk.icon Size.button) Bar.add_action_widget (BUTTON, Gtk.ButtonsType.OK) label = Gtk.label (label= ' This are an info ba R with message type Gtk.MessageType.INFO ') Bar.get_content_area (). Pack_start (label, False, False, 5) bar = Gtk.infobar () Vbox.pack_start (bar, False, False, 5) Bar.set_message_type (Gtk.MessageType.WArning) label = Gtk.label (Label= ' This is a info bar with message type Gtk.MessageType.WARNING ') Bar.get_co Ntent_area (). Pack_start (label, False, False, 5) bar = Gtk.infobar () Bar.add_button (GTK.STOCK_OK, Gtk.resp Onsetype.ok) Bar.add_button (Gtk.stock_cancel, Gtk.ResponseType.CANCEL) bar.connect (' response ', Self.on_bar _response) Vbox.pack_start (bar, False, False, 5) bar.set_message_type (Gtk.MessageType.QUESTION) LA Bel = Gtk.label (label= ' This is a info bar with message type Gtk.MessageType.QUESTION ') Bar.get_content_area (). pac K_start (label, False, False, 5) bar = Gtk.infobar () Vbox.pack_start (bar, False, False, 5) Bar.set _message_type (Gtk.MessageType.ERROR) label = Gtk.label (Label= ' This is a info bar with message type Gtk.messagetyp E.error ') Bar.get_content_area (). Pack_start (label, False, False, 5) bar = Gtk.infobar () vbox.pack _start (bar, False, False, 5) Bar.set_message_type (Gtk.MessageType.OTHER) label = Gtk.label (Label= ' This is a info bar with message Type Gtk.MessageType.OTHER ') Bar.get_content_area (). Pack_start (label, False, False, 5) frame = Gtk.frame (label= "Info bars") Vbox.pack_start (frame, False, false, 8) Vbox2 = Gtk.vbox (spacing=8) vbox2.set _border_width (8) Frame.add (vbox2) # Standard message Dialog label = Gtk.label (label= ' A example O F different Info bars ') Vbox2.pack_start (label, False, False, 0) Self.window.show_all () def on_bar_r
                                   Esponse (self, Info_bar, response_id): Dialog = Gtk.messagedialog (Transient_for=self.window, Modal=true, Destroy_with_parent=true, M
                         , Buttons=gtk.buttonstype.ok, text= ' You clicked on a Info Bar ') dialog.format_secondary_text (' Your response has ID%d '% response_id) () Dialog.destroy () def main (): Infobarapp () Gtk.main () if __name__ = = ' __main__ ': Main ()

Code resolution
Several InfoBar are used in the same, here only the first

Bar = Gtk.infobar ()

Create a InfoBar

Bar.connect (' response ', self.on_bar_response)

Connect to Response signal

Vbox.pack_start (bar, False, false, 5)

Add bar to the box layout container

Bar.set_message_type (Gtk.MessageType.INFO)

Set InfoBar type

button = Gtk.Button.new_from_icon_name ("Help-about", Gtk.IconSize.BUTTON)

Create a Picture button

Bar.add_action_widget (button, Gtk.ButtonsType.OK)

Add a button to the InfoBar action area

Label = Gtk.label (Label= ' This is a info bar with message type Gtk.MessageType.INFO ')

Create a label

Bar.get_content_area (). Pack_start (label, False, False, 5)

Add a label to the content area of InfoBar

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