PyQt4 Getting Started

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PyQt4 Getting Started Tutorial (6) _ dialog boxThe words of the translator in the text will be marked with square brackets "". dialog boxes (Dialogs) are an integral part of modern GUI programs. Dialogue is meant to communicate between two or more people, and in computer applications, dialogue is a window that allows us to "speak" to the application. dialog boxes can be used to enter data, modify data, change app settings, and more. The Qtgui.qinputdialog class Qtgui.qinputdialog class provides a simple and convenient dialog box to get a single value from the user. The user's input can be a string, a number, or ...2016-03-08 00:00 Reading (888) Comments (1)  PyQt4 Getting Started Tutorials (5) _ Events and SignalsNote: The translator's words will be marked with square brackets "". In this part of the study, we will explore the time and signal that will appear in the application (events and Signals). Events all GUI applications are event-driven, and these events are primarily generated by the users of the application. In fact, these events can also be generated by other means, such as Network connection, window management system or a timer. When we call the app's Exec_ () method, the app goes into the main loop, the main loop gets the events and sends them to the individual objects ...2016-02-23 20:03 Reading (1314) Comments (0)  PyQt4 Getting Started Tutorial (4) _ Layout managementNote: The translator's own words in the text will be marked with square brackets "". Layout Management (Management) is an important aspect of GUI programming. Layout is the way we put various parts in the window. In PyQt4, layouts can be implemented in two ways: absolute positioning (absolute positioning) and layout classes. Absolute positioning in this way, the programmer specifies the position and size of the various parts. But when you use absolute positioning, you need to know the following restrictions:-If we change the size of the window, ...2016-02-23 11:50 Reading (2745) Comments (2)  PyQt4 Getting Started Tutorial (3) _ Menu bar and toolbarsNote: The translator's own words will be marked with square brackets "". In this section, we will learn how to create menus and toolbars. A menu is a series of commands that are located in the menu bar, and toolbars are buttons for some of the commonly used features in your app. The main window Qtgui.qmainwindow class provides a way to create a main application window, which makes it possible to create a traditional application framework using the status bar (statusbar), menu bar (menubar), and Toolbars (toolbar). Status bar (Statusbar) status bar for ...2016-02-20 22:38 Reading (1572) Comments (0)  PyQt4 Getting Started Tutorial (2) _PYQT4 's first programNote: The translator's words will be marked with square brackets "". In this section we will learn some basic functions of PYQT. A simple example of this is a simple example of a window that can be displayed. So far we've been able to do a lot of things with this window, such as changing its size, maximizing it, minimizing it ... Doing these things would have been a lot of code, but PYQT has helped us write "Happy", because the code to do these things will be reused in most applications, so it is not necessary to write the code over and over again. We can feel the PYQT4 is a very ...2016-02-16 20:54 Reading (2673) Comments (1)  PYQT4 Introductory Tutorials (1) _PYQT Introduction and preparation workThis article will be a brief introduction to PYQT, the main functions and key modules of the function, and lead you to complete the PYQT development before the need to do some preparatory work. ...2016-02-16 17:00 Reading (4036) Comments (0)  PyQt4 Introductory Tutorial (0) _ translator saysRecently learning PyQt4, it is regrettable that the official documentation is not detailed enough (very not detailed), there are no many related tutorials on the network, the existing books are also used in the older version of PYQT, for people without QT Foundation learning is not very convenient. On the saw this PyQt4 introductory tutorial, explained very detailed, so decided to translate to a lot of pyqt charm attracted beginners to provide convenience. ...PYQT4 Hundred Line Code self-made password Manager (iv): Other functions & ConclusionSome of the content and conclusion to be realized. ...2016-03-03 13:59 Reading (519) Comments (1)  PYQT4 Hundred lines of code self-made password Manager (iii): Database IntroductionIntroduce a database to the password manager. ...2016-03-02 00:32 Reading (650) Comments (0)  PYQT4 Hundred lines of code self-made password Manager (ii): basic ability to achieveThe second part realizes some basic functions of the password manager, such as new, edit, delete. ...2016-02-29 18:23 Reading (768) Comments (2)  PYQT4 Hundred lines Code self-made password Manager (i): Basic framework ConstructionTeach you how to write your own password manager in just a few hundred lines of code! Opening: Basic frame construction. ...2016-02-27 14:39 Reading (814) Comments (0)

PyQt4 Getting Started

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