PYTHON_UI Design (ii)--------BASIC framework

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Just now the most basic qtwidgest of the basic framework of the show, simple Python and in Qt Designer implementation is very simple, but want to through the QT designer Graphic design framework, Then through the GUI into the py script by modifying a piece of code to implement the window display by running the py file, if you are still tangled in this, this post would like to help you.

1. My is QT5, on the QT5 I created is the Widgest framework, click creat Create

2. Then through the GUI command conversion, my last Post explains how to set up in Pycharm, here is not cumbersome.

The following commands are converted:

3. I am small white but I know that the class does not invoke definitely can't implement its function, so various degrees Niang find how to convert the UI into a py file into the implementation after the display effect, here thank, linked to the questioner, Through his questions, he found that he had the features I needed.

4. After my script, add the following code to run directly to implement the function

PYTHON_UI Design (ii)--------BASIC framework

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