Q-Disk project summary: Experience the details of the pursuit of no sense of light disturb

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Project background

In the context of the Internet cloud era, all kinds of "cloud products" emerging, cloud technology to improve the development of networked storage, real-time synchronous storage unimpeded. With the Dropbox representative of foreign countries, the networked synchronous storage market is already ripe, and the market value of 4 billion means the great potential of synchronizing markets. In this trend, the domestic also appeared in the Jinshan fast disk, 115 sync disk, T-disk synchronization products, but not perfect. In other words, the domestic synchronous market still has a great loss, real-time synchronization market who to dominate?

Demand points

Q disk emerged. Q Disk is a free file synchronization service provided by QQ Computer Butler. Log on to the same QQ account, you can view and use the files on the Q disk on different computers. When a computer on the Q disk of the file changes, Q disk will change the file synchronization to other computers logged on to the same account. Most importantly, all of the sync will be automatically completed by the Q disk, no need to click the button to upload/download and other manual operations.

Design process

It has lasted two months, experienced the analysis, design, development, testing, release phase, the improvement of efficiency compressed the project cycle.

Product-design-development Seamless docking

Although the closed design does not have the comfortable working environment, but has greatly improved the work efficiency. Product-design-development of the sequential seat to make the whole Q-Disk development process exceptionally smooth. An unlimited brainstorming

Brainstorming is no longer just the product manager and the interactive design content, the closed environment allows the entire team to participate in product brain violence process. Set all sides of the talk, the product more perfect. Real-time Feedback

Whether it is the product of the design of the query, the design of the product insights, the development of the design of the implementation, design of the development of the unknown can be the first time of communication, real-time information exchange so that the design and development process unimpeded.

Design Thinking

1. Real-time Sync 0 perception

Q Disk as much as possible to reduce the user needs of the operation: the first time to enable only once log on, again use do not need to start login, run-time files automatically real-time synchronization, without manual upload download. In order to create the Sync 0 perception, run the effect of low disturb, Q disk uses the form of the tray area silent operation. After the first login completed, Q disk interface from there to none, into the "no interface" product model.

2. Mastery-Enable interface optimization for the first time

Traditional software installation of user education is usually placed after the installation is complete, users can choose to see and not look. But the Q disk does not need to install, just login can use. In order to guide users to understand Q disk for the first time when the user is enabled to use, the user education in Q disk is used in advance processing.

3. Weaken step guide, make the interface more lightweight

In order to highlight the convenience of Q-disk for the first time, the steps are guided to maximize the process. But as the product of the repeated thinking, the designer that such a way there are "too much blank", "interface is not exquisite" and so on. For this, Q disk first enabled the interface to make a "bleed" change. From phase one (left) to phase two (right), the interface dimension changed from 600*420 to 520*380, weakening Step guide, lightweight interface effect.

4. Create a sense of achievement

Consider the cost of development, the product side expect users not to change the folder location. In this respect, the form of weakening "change" is adopted in the design performance. But in this form, the "Start using" page has no sense of achievement, the design atmosphere is too weak; In addition, in the "2GB Free space" processing, the simple text form can not highlight the product advantage. In view of the above problems, we have to think, use the shortest time to make the most efficient and feasible design effect.

5. Multi-Platform Unified design

The product form of Q disk includes two kinds of client and Web page. Q disk Stability after the end of the Web page design gradually follow.

Page version of the first edition, product side decision: On the basis of guarantee publicity, login is the focus. After several reviews and thinking, the interface is still the focus of unclear, login and publicity of the issue of mutual robbery. For this we tried to make the following optimizations.

Visual design

1. Logo Design

The thought process in the early stage of design and the product side of the full communication, carried out some preliminary test. Considering that Q disk is an app in the Butler Toolbox, not a completely independent new product, you must reduce the user's cognitive threshold, simple and clear.

Product keywords: Q, cloud, transmission, disk, light weight

Logo display in order to close with the name, reducing the threshold of user awareness, the ultimate use of the simplest direct way: Q + disk.

Related extension application design

2. Initial use of instructional comics

Teaching interface using the form of hand-painted, simple and vivid to Q-disk function, the use of the way to introduce, hand-painted line of the performance of the more affinity.


Thanks to mentor Xiao just and brother in the project process of meticulous guidance, let us in the Q-disk project rapid growth.

Q Disk design process experienced a variety of roles in the baptism, in the communication with the role of our designers were silently hung on the "turtle hair" title. In order to pursue the product of the imperceptible light disturb, we will be for some experience details of the dispute; In order to ensure the visual effect of the interface, we need to repeat the deviation of the "1 pixels" with the technician.

In fact, "turtle hair" is not necessarily a derogatory term, the identity of the designer should have the characteristics of "turtle hair": too careful, too serious so that others can not stand the crazy. Careful is our necessary quality, turtle hair is the image we will never change.

Author: Blizzard

Article Source: Tencent CDC

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