QQ couple yellow drill how to open? QQ couple Yellow Drill how much money?

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Open QQ couple Yellow drill how much money?

Monthly payment of 10Q or 100Q points, you can open/renewal of a couple of yellow diamond (seems to support only q coins, Q point payment). One months 10q, you need to open a few months is a few months of money, elementary school multiplication is very simple.

What is the use of QQ couple yellow diamond?

1, space lovers dress up for free

2, the space exclusive couple hangs the piece

3, Lovers yellow diamond logo

4. Spatial integral acceleration

5, private message record roaming unlimited Save

QQ couple yellow drill how to open?

First login to your QQ, and then in your profile information on the list of icons to find and click on your not lit "QQ couple yellow diamond Icon", click to pop up a Web page, as shown:

Then enter the Web page you want to invite the Open friend QQ number, and then click "Send Invitation" to open a couple of yellow diamond. As shown in the figure:

Finally pop-up a confirmation opened the window, and prompted you to open a few months of QQ lovers Yellow diamond, click, confirm payment, generally through Q and Q points to pay, you can try to pay treasure or tenpay to pay the amount. As shown in the figure:

QQ couple Yellow diamond Precautions:

1. When the other party accepts your invitation, it will share with you a pair of yellow diamond privileges; If the other person refuses the invitation, you can choose another friend to send the invitation; You can only share the yellow diamond with a friend.

2, in your yellow diamond validity period, the couple yellow drill is effective; so be sure to remember to keep your yellow diamond in effect.

3, if you have opened lovers space, then you can only choose a couple of space for the other half of the open couple yellow diamond, if you have not opened a couple of space, couples yellow diamond after the successful opening will automatically open for you lovers space.

4, when your couple space is lifted, you and the other half of the couple yellow diamond relationship will be automatically lifted, you can again invite other people open couples yellow diamond.

5, the couple yellow diamond in the couple space in the privilege, you need to open a couple with another half of space to enjoy;

6, couples are both lovers yellow diamond pay open users, then take the remaining monthly subscription for a long period of time expires, such as: small a couple of yellow diamond expiration time for November, small b couples yellow diamond expiration of December, the two sides into a couple of yellow diamond, then the small b of the monthly period of time prevail.

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