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QQ Browser 8.0 installation package only a little more than 4 m, is one of the most mini browser, this time QQ browser 8.0 also adopt a new Installation UI interface, OK, the new installation interface is not worth spitting, if you want to spit, it is the same as all browser settings, installed when the default automatically set as the default browser.

If you do not want to let QQ browser become the default browser, please remove this √

QQ Browser 8.0 with a new installation interface

At a glance, for a long time did not see such a concise browser.

QQ Browser 8.0 is really not the general simplicity

QQ Browser 8.0 Evaluation-do not want to use the plugin can be completely removed

QQ Browser 8.0 Built-in many common plug-ins (applications), for example, Web site production of two-dimensional code, readers, cross screen, screenshots, Web page mute functions, in the past or other browsers, these built-in features can not be deleted, and in the QQ browser 8.0, these applications can be directly deleted. This, small weave had to point praise!

QQ Browser 8.0 is the best place to do-let users free uninstall do not want to use the function

Of course, you can also install micro-letter chat, online video download, search fast switch, QQ mailbox reminders and other applications, so that your QQ browser more useful. For example, the small series will choose to install micro-letter chat and search Fast switch These two relatively practical app.

what function do you want to install it?

QQ Browser 8.0 Evaluation-There is no shortage of features

Although QQ Browser 8.0 is very small, but also is though small spite, the function is not missing. Not many features are also a few (such as the evil of the Web game recommended). Among them, the most worthy of the function of praise, than the QQ account can be used to login directly to the browser to use a variety of synchronization functions, such as network bookmarks and set synchronization functions.

Now, which browser does not have sync capabilities are embarrassed to say that they are browsers

Account Assistant--lets you quickly save the passwords of your favorite websites

Follow the small set this setting, you can not see any ads on the Internet

Security Center-keeps you away from most phishing sites

A simple version of multiple searches similar to a proud tour

8 Sudoku Fast Navigation--the biggest regret is that you can't manually set which page a grid belongs to

QQ Browser PC version and mobile version of the Web page interactive function

QQ Browser 8.0 only have the micro-cloud collection function--plainly is another Web favorite folder

Network Bookmark Backup function

Written in the last

In general, QQ Browser 8 is a very good browser, at least you can not see other browsers common various advertising window and can not unload the function. QQ Browser to the feeling of small, a bit like chrome, simple, but more than Chrome in line with the Chinese users of the use of habits, built-in a variety of people really use the function.

With the QQ browser 7.X from the memory function is not the same, QQ browser 8.0 no longer save memory

Because it is IE vest, so the QQ browser HTML5 test scores with the system installed IE version of the score as

QQ Browser no longer follow the same as dual-core browser, this has to say is a kind of courage, after all, less chromium the support of the kernel, QQ browser speed is very limited, at the same time, QQ browser also less than countless plug-ins to expand the support. Fortunately, if the user installed the IE11, the speed of the opening of the Web page is not too slow, but the function can not choose their own installation, this is the biggest regret.

But for the pursuit of simple users, especially in the office of users in the Internet, in the case of chrome, almost 0 ads 0 Windows QQ Browser may be their best choice.

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