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QQ software users to the detailed analysis of the sharing of QQ to see other people stealth methods.
Method Sharing:
1. Send information to each other to confirm whether QQ friends stealth
Often the Internet friends have been accustomed to stealth, if you see the friend QQ head is gray, but also feel that friends may be online, then we can send a message past, such as: in? such as confirmation of information, if the other side know you, and online, will naturally reply you, so you can know whether QQ friends stealth. But this method is suitable for more familiar friends, the general stranger may give.
2. Send a video request to an invisible friend
The use of QQ video function can be easier to dig out whether the other side is invisible, because usually when we send a video request to QQ friends, the other side will directly eject the Video Request dialog box, at this time, if the busy friends will directly close the Annoying Video request pop-up window, so when the other rejects the video request, We can receive the other side of the request to reject the video prompts, so it is very simple to know whether QQ friends will be invisible, of course, if the other side directly accept the video request, it is the same, we will see the relevant tips.
3. Find the next QQ friends have such as access to QQ Space records, QQ space signature, microblogging and log updates
Although many QQ friends like stealth, but also most like to surf the internet when browsing other people's QQ space, we know that browsing others QQ space will be in the visitors record to see friends visit footprints, so if you want to know whether a friend stealth, may wish to see the other QQ space has no log, microblogging, talk, photos and other updates, Find the update time to know that there is no online friends, in addition to find a friend to browse his friends QQ space, to see the visitors record, you can generally know whether the friend is invisible.
4. Open Mobile QQ
As long as open mobile QQ, you can use mobile QQ services can accurately see the other side of the user is not stealth, the method is to open mobile QQ mobile phone editing Information "60#QQ number # Send SMS to QQ service number, and then according to the system has no reply can be judged. If the phone does not receive the reply, then the user is in stealth state, otherwise you will receive "You send QQ users of the message has been sent to each other QQ or mobile phone", using this method can easily find hidden QQ buddy.

At present, how to know whether QQ friends stealth view of the basic above four kinds of, of course, there are many QQ number of the internet is also said to be invisible viewer, but the author of the search under the download of 2, download the antivirus software has prompted the virus in the software, some directly can not be used, So for the internet said QQ Stealth viewer software is actually not credible.
Well, the above information is small make up to you QQ this software users to bring the detailed QQ to see other people stealth methods to share all the content, you see the users here Small series believe you now that is very clear the way to see it, Then you go to follow the small part of the tutorial to share the test results.

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