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This is a Web site that allows you to query the remaining ticket quantity for a national train ticket. Go to the web page and select the remaining ticket to query. Http://www.12306.cn/mormhweb/kyfw/

I. About the ticketing time
We may only know the information "sell train tickets 10 days in advance". That is to say, the train ticket is only placed once 10 days before driving. In fact, this is far from the case. I will list the currently observed ticketing time here:

1. Put the EMU ticket and the Z-headed ticket 20 days later. At this time, generally no one will grab the EMU ticket (after all, the EMU will not be very popular ). However, some key lines (with large passenger flows, few vehicles, and the appropriate time) will be packed at this time with a considerable number. For example, z37 and z77
These two vehicles are delivered to direct buses in Wuchang and Hankou, and are delivered on the eve of the Day, and many hard sleeper trains are mounted. The traffic in Hubei has always been large, so the two hard sleeper cars will be taken 1/3 (in the hands of the organization and the ticket dealer) 20 days in advance ). The remaining items are on the Internet. When the peak hours (such as summer vacation) come ), it will be sold out around 15 days before driving (that is why "many" days in advance still cannot buy the Z-car hard sleeper ).

2. At a.m. 18 days in advance, you will be given an off-site bus ticket for 18 days later and a small portion of the Z-site bus. But most of them are cross-Bureau tickets, such as dynamic tickets for d191 in Shenyang North-Taiyuan [cross-shen-jing two bureaus]. Dynamic tickets within the [one Railway Bureau] may not be placed at this time, for example, the d6001 in Jinan-Qingdao can be bought in Beijing 18 days in advance, and sometimes cannot be bought. The specific time to release the vehicle depends on the policies of the Railway Bureau where the vehicle count is located.

3. At a.m. 12 days in advance, place the d [in-pipe part] and Z-car remote pass after 12 days. Because the railway is planned to be transported, almost every train will provide some "shared tickets" nationwide, that is, these tickets are only available for all stations across the country outside the origin site, and the origin site cannot be used. In this way, for example, you cannot buy a ticket from z41 to Shanghai in Tianjin 12 days in advance, but you are in Beijing at this time (or even on some remote sites, such as Xining ), you can also call the National shared vote to obtain the ticket. The same applies to return tickets. For example, you can buy Nanchang-Beijing West z68 after 12 days in advance, but most of the results are on the top of the shop.

4. Place the invoice for the T, K, and general train after 10 days. This is an extremely important golden time for issuing tickets !! Basically, in addition to extremely tight trains such as t17, t47, t69, and t41, most cars can issue tickets at this time. What we call "queuing up to buy tickets 10 days in advance" is to submit tickets at this time. But 7.1 to the next day, the first few tickets must be from the ticket dealer. Passengers with good luck at the front may be around (of course, after the tickets of the traffickers and acquaintances are basically settled) grab a few remaining tickets you need (usually hard sleeper, hot sleeper, and so on ......).

5. ~ 10 days in advance ~ , This is the time to "pick up tickets. Some of the tickets that were stolen and hung up at, but did not get the tickets and were put back into the ticket pool, at this time they still hope to be snatched back. Don't think it is too late at this time, especially for passengers who want to buy trains in relatively remote areas. At this time, it is very likely that several "leaks" will be returned ". For example, I personally picked up two hard sleepers from January 1, 2189 to ulanhot at (the time required for the Beijing-Hangzhou line and the white line is suitable for the departure of the air-conditioned car, And the sleeper is rather difficult to buy ). Why? Although tickets are tight in these places, there are not many people who visit them. Therefore, it is very likely that the ticket dealers can snatch the tickets and then put them back (after all, their actions depend on the needs of the buyers ).

6. At a.m. nine days in advance, the T, K and ordinary trains will be given a different pass after nine days. At this time, you can freely get tickets for any number of trains in China, and you don't need to get them because there are not many passengers who buy a different ticket. In addition, the agent is not busy in the morning, so this is the best time to buy a foreign ticket. However, not all seats of each vehicle have reserved tickets for public use throughout the country. For example, I once saw that the t197 Zhengzhou-Urumqi car only left a hard sleeper and a soft sleeper for a remote location, you cannot buy a hard seat.

7. 3 days in advance at, which is the second prime time. At this time, the station will release the reserved tickets not sold to major travel agencies and ministries. In general, every trip to the departure car will have a chance to grab the ticket at this time, but usually only about 15 tickets are provided, and it is also based on the premise that the reserved tickets are not used by the public. If the car happened to be taken away by the public house, it would also be a white grab at this time. For example, t41 and other vehicles have already bought the reserved tickets internally, so they will not be released because there is no surplus.

8. Noon one day in advance. This is the third prime time. At this time, the station will release the unused parts reserved for the railway system (for the region and relevant departments. Similar to three days in advance, if there is no remaining one, it will not be released. In general, the chances of snatching tickets at this time are relatively high (of course, this is only relative, and the first share of snatching tickets 10 days in advance is obviously not an order of magnitude ), because there are not so many people in the railway to go out.

9. At one day in advance, some additional trains will be placed. The Railway Department will collect statistics and analyze the passenger flows of each line every day, and Add 1-2 hard seats or hard sleeper trains to key trains of some lines. Vehicles that are easy to mount are in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi, and other regions, such as T5, t189, and z37. If they are mounted, more than 100 tickets will be released, in this case, a large share of the ticket is obtained. However, the problem is that there is no fixed rule on which car is mounted and on which day it is recorded. If you can hear internal news from the Railway Department, it is of course the best, if you do not know it, you can only infer from experience (for example, T5 z59 t189 and so on are all without a mounted car, especially T5 is often put in a mounted car). At this time, you will be killed at Five Points, to get the ticket.

10. Place the "window pass" and "drawer pass" at the station at one day in advance ". The station sometimes puts the rest of the tickets that you have made in advance on the Internet at this time, in addition, the window refund (usually there is no time to put it online or deliberately keep it for internal contacts) should be put back. There is nothing to do after.
Part (sometimes the leaders cannot leave the next day at noon. If they decide not to leave at this time, they will release the reserved ticket ). However, at this time, the probability of obtaining a ticket is relatively small.

11. One day in advance. This is the most time-consuming. At this time, "Dead tickets" (also known as "Reserved mobile tickets") are usually placed during peak hours. How many tickets can be found online, but it cannot be called, but it is not provided by the station. Unlike the "reserved ticket" described above, the number of reserved tickets is entirely a dark box operation.
Cannot be found out) (that is, those 'motorfare 'that are not booked by anyone but locked in advance by the station ', for example, for tickets like z29 that are often locked [about 30 tickets in the upper and lower layers]). The specific purpose of these tickets is unclear at the station. I just hope that the tickets will not be sent out so quickly. In case of any temporary arrangements for travel by internal authorities or authorities, when there are not enough internal reserved tickets, use them again. If no one asked for these tickets the night before they were driving, they would be taken out.

12. 24 hours before driving the car, he broke the "sales restriction" section, also known as "unbinding ". For example, T7 reserves 20 seats for each of Shijiazhuang and Zhengzhou during the pre-sale period (these seats are only for passengers who go to Shijiazhuang and Zhengzhou, but passengers who go to Zhengzhou far from Zhengzhou cannot buy them ), however, if these reserved seats are not sold out, then, 24 hours before driving, these tickets will become public tickets (that is, these seats can also be sold to passengers in Chengdu and other places ). Releasing a ticket is equivalent to releasing a ticket at a time.

13. In the first four and a half hours of driving, each vehicle will release the last six "cards ". These "cards" are usually special tickets sold by the webmaster. If they are useless, they will be put online four and a half hours before driving. That's why sometimes it's lucky to go to the station to buy a ticket before leaving for ten days.


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