Quick calculation of inserting complex table data into WPS text

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WPS Word is one of our common Office software, because of its simple, practical, so well received by the user's favorite. When we edit a document, we sometimes need to insert a table in the document, compare or assist some data, and then count some of the data in the table.

For the calculation of the data in the table, we usually are accustomed to using Excel to operate, thus ignoring the WPS text in the table calculation function, in fact, the WPS text table calculation function is also powerful, not only can carry out fast operation, but also can carry out complex formula operation.

Quick calculation of tabular data

When we insert a table in WPS, we sometimes need to count and summarize the data in the table in order to add a note to the contents of the document. The first is to use the mouse to select the cells in the table to be counted (hint: When you select a cell, the key is to have a cell in which you want to fill out the statistics, and then click the Table Tools tab in the menu bar, and then click the Quick Calculation button in the Data Ribbon under the Table Tools tab. Select the way we want to calculate, such as Sum, average, and so on. In this case, the results are automatically filled in blank cells in the table, which is quick and easy.

Second, complex calculations can also be done

All of the above are simple regular table calculations, what if you need to do more complex calculations on the table's data? This is fine, WPS Office 2012 designers have already thought for us. The first is to position the mouse to the cell where you want to fill out the results. Then, on the menu bar, click the Table Tools tab, click the Formula button in the data Ribbon under the Table Tools tab, and in the Formula dialog box that opens later, WPS automatically selects the calculated orientation of the data based on the mouse positioning, clicking OK button, you can automatically fill out the results of the calculation.

Tip: When calculating with formulas, the default is data summation. If we want to change the way we calculate, you can select the function in the Paste function box in the Formula dialog box.

Third, the number format know my heart

Of all the components in WPS, the most intimate is the number format, which makes it easy for us to choose any number format. After we have calculated the data in the inserted table, we sometimes need to describe it in Chinese capitals, which are used in other ways, and it is much more convenient to use WPS.

When we calculate with a formula, just click the triangle button to the right of number format in the Formula dialog box. Select the appropriate number format can be, such as Chinese capital, Chinese lowercase, RMB capital, etc., click "OK", the results shown in the table is our choice of Chinese format, quite convenient and practical.

In the Formula dialog box, as long as you select the appropriate function, and then select a table range, we are free to the table on the top, bottom, left, right Tetraena direction of data calculation. This is not the function of other software oh.

In table calculations, we can also do this by inserting the form "field", which not only has the same effect but also has a more diverse computational approach.

With the previous table operation, you may also feel that the function of table calculation in WPS text is powerful. If you are familiar with the previous operation, and then the WPS text in the form of the contents of the calculation, you can completely discard the calculator, thus greatly improve the work efficiency.

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