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Due to the constraints imposed by some of the domestic blog services, more and more people are trying to use foreign virtual hosts to build their own independent blogs. However, it is unwise for new users who have never been familiar with WordPress to purchase virtual host space and domain names. There are many resources on the Internet that provide free host space, with a second-level domain name. With such free resources, you can freely get familiar with the establishment and improvement of the WordPress platform and start the first step of your independent blog. I recently used free virtual host space to help a few friends build a Wordpress blog, and found that the effect is good. This article tries to teach beginners how to build a WordPress-based blog quickly from the most basic and practical point of view.

Note: This article is a conventional article. If you have experience setting up WordPress, the speed may be too high. This article is intended for beginners.

Currently, many service providers provide free VM space. 0fees.net and byteact.com are two of the most favorable reviews recently. The main parameters are as follows: 0fees.net:
M host space 10 Gb traffic FTP permission PHP + mysql5 domain name vistapanel management platform No advertisement
M host space 50 GB traffic FTP permission PHP + mysql10 domain names vistapanel management platform No advertisement
From the above we can see that byteact.com provides a lot of space. However, through my registration and use, I found that the space registered on byteact.com is sometimes allocated to the ingress IP address, while 0fees.net has not applied for similar situations yet, besides, space access is more stable than byteact.com. So I think 0fees.net is more reliable. Of course, the specific service to be applied for depends on your actual needs and the access space speed. (Ps, these two free spaces support the construction of Twitter APIs such as twip. If you have a similar need, please register and use them in a low-profile manner :)) please visit the application address and 0fees here, for more information, see byteact. The specific registration process is relatively simple. Enter the basic information and go to the mailbox to activate the service. during the registration process, enter the abnormal verification code twice. Try to use Gmail in your mailbox. After successful application, the service provider will generate a webpage with various information and information about your virtual space. For example, your second-level domain name, vistapanel Control Panel address, FTP information, database information, and so on. Save the webpage.

Okay. With the host space, we can start to build WordPress. The first thing to note is that there is "Ivista-easy script installation" You can use it to quickly install Wordpress with one click. Although this method is extremely fast, it has two disadvantages:
1. The database is automatically generated and the name is random, which is not easy for future management; 2. the installed WordPress is in the English version 2.8.5, which is not easy for beginners to use. Therefore, I do not recommend it.
The following are the specific steps: 1 download WordPress 2.8.6 Simplified Chinese version.
Now the wordpress2.9 English version has been released, based on language and stability issues, we still go to the official site to download wordpress2.8.6 Simplified Chinese version.
2. Download the third party host fix plug-in.
Why is this plug-in required? The file path is not in the root directory because of the free space we applied for. This will make FTP information unavailable when uploading plug-ins and themes in the WordPress background. This plug-in solves such problems. Click it to enter the download page.
3. Follow the FTP information provided by the service provider (refer to the page saved just now) and use the FTP tool that suits you best, upload the above two packages to the root directory of your space (/htdocs ). 4. log on to vistapanel, go to online file manager, and decompress the compressed WordPress Installation File. Select All and move them out of the root directory. 5. Move the third party host fix plug-in to/htdocs/WP-content/plugins. Decompress the package. 6 OK. Now the most critical step is taken. First, we need to build the database required for running WordPress.

On the vistapanel control panel, find the Database Management Section and click MySQL databases. The following figure is displayed:

Enter the name of the database you want, such as test. Click Create Database );

The preceding page is displayed. OK. The database has been created.

7. initialize WordPress. This is the most critical step.

Enter the second-level domain name you applied in the browser. If the IP address is not blocked, the following words should appear:

Of course, click Create configuration file,

Now, start!

Carefully check the data entered above. Many people are following suit in this step. Please carefully check the page you saved when applying for a space. Pay special attention to the sequence of Items 1 and 2. In addition, fill in the password when you applied for the space. The database address is based on the address provided by the host provider. Do not make a mistake. After entering the information, click "filled ".

OK. Let's start the installation!

Enter the title of your blog and your contact email. (These two settings can be changed later in the background), install Wordpress ....

When you see this screen, your WordPress Initialization is complete. Be sure to copy the password. And so on.

8. Complete the final settings in the WordPress background.

Enter your second-level domain name/WP-admin in the browser, and the WordPress login page appears. enter Admin, paste the copied random password, and log on to the WordPress background;

Go to the background and you will see the following prompt:

If NO, go to "user"-"My configuration" on the Left bar to change the password. Change your easy-to-remember password.

OK. Now this WordPress belongs to you completely. Go to the plug-in menu and activate the third party host plug-in. In this way, you can add themes and plug-ins at will in the WP background. Please try again. Your WordPress has already started ~

Several questions:

1. Why do I not need to upload the zip package of WordPress from the online file manager at the beginning?

Online File Manager is very powerful. However, files larger than 2 MB cannot be uploaded. Therefore, we need to upload the two files using FTP.

2. Why cannot I move folders when I use the online file manager?

After entering or selecting the target path of the file, click "set all targetdirectories" and then click "Green √" to execute the command.

3. Why does an error occur in RSS subscription after the blog is set up?

If this problem occurs, it is caused by the first blank row in the thirdpartyhostfixer. php file in the third party host fix plug-in. Open the file in the editor, delete the empty line in the first line, save the file, and upload it to solve the problem.

(From http://oulove.org/2009/12/build-a-free-wordpress-quickly)

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