Quick FWR310 Wireless Router Setup Graphics tutorial

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Fast Router settings: Quick FWR310 Wireless Router Setup Graphics tutorial

Here only the common family of PPPoE broadband dial-up Internet mode settings, that is, the need for a point of broadband connections to the pro. First of all need to know network operators to provide your Internet broadband account and password, do not know friends, please consult the use of telecommunications/unicom/Netcom and other network operators to obtain customer service.

First, fast WR310 wireless router installation

The router's installation mainly includes the cat, the wireless router, the network cable, the router and the cat's power adapter connection, installs the connection method to be very simple, uses a picture, can clearly tell everybody how installs, the following schematic diagram.

Installation schematic

Second, fast FWR310 wireless Router Setup Tutorial

1, will fast quick FWR310 wireless router, cat, network cable and power connection is good, in the computer to open the browser, and then enter the Open, the first set up fast FWR310 wireless router, you need to set the administrator password, finished click on the bottom of the "confirmation" shown below.

First step

2, set up after the administrator login password, then use the password you have just set to confirm landing, as shown in the following figure.

Set Administrator password

3, then you can enter the Agile FWR310 wireless router Settings management interface, first click on the left side of the "Setup Wizard", and then click on the right side of the "next" figure shown below.

Select Settings Wizard

4, Next Ethernet access mode selection, click on "PPPoE (DSL virtual dial)", and then click on the lower right corner of the "next", as shown in the following figure.

Choose the way to surf the internet

5, in the PPPoE settings, the network operators to provide you with the broadband account number and password to fill in, if you forget the broadband account password, please consult the Network service provider to obtain, fill out, continue to click on the lower right corner of the "next", the following schematic.

Enter the Internet account and password

6, the next is WiFi settings, the SSID column fills in the WiFi wireless network name, the encryption way the following password, is needs to set the WiFi wireless password, this WiFi password proposal as far as possible not too simple, prevents to be rubbed the net, after the setup completes, continues to click the lower right Corner "next", the following picture shows.

Set WiFi wireless network name and password

7, at the end of the next interface, and then click "Save" can be, thus basically completed the rapid FWR310 wireless router settings, as shown in the following figure.

8, after the setup is complete, if your computer is still unable to surf the internet, then the "Network parameters" on the left side of the inventory hit Settings screen "MAC address cloning", in the right-hand operation, click "Save", as shown in the following figure.

Finally click on the bottom left of the "system Management", and then choose "Restart the router" Restart the router, in the Pop-up confirmation box click "OK", as shown in the following figure.

Reboot the Router

The above is the Quick WR310 wireless Router Setup tutorial, after the router restarts, the general computer can be normal Internet, and the wireless device can also find just set the SSID wireless network name WiFi network, use the set WiFi password can connect to the Internet.

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