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If you want to learn how to optimize your website or learn how to optimize your website, you will certainly encounter many problems. We can search for materials online. After reading the materials on the Internet, many of my friends thought I would have done it. Here I will tell you how to study Seo. after learning the theory, I will focus more on theory, I hope my friends who have these questions can understand what I have learned on my website.
1. Do not go online before planning a website
Many of my friends will first stop the revision and Optimization in their service tools. In fact, here I want to inform you that the search engine will start to pay attention to your website during the time of formatting, in this way, your website has not been properly planned so that the search engine can see your website. The first impression of your website will inform you that the search engine is a scum website, which will affect our website optimization in the future...
The first method is to set up a website locally, arrange the website, and set the website title. The keyword title is depicted and uploaded to the server.
The second method restores the search engine.
2. Multiple website durations will be included
If it was written by yourselfCodeThe website layout can be the same as that of other websites. Such websites will be indexed within 1-3 days. (My website is recorded on a daily basis) If you want to quickly include your website, please arrange the website and send some external links and some high-quality content. The confidence search engine will soon include your website .. (Here we need to learn some knowledge about HTML code for Seo)
3. Can group-based software be used for fast progress ranking?
It is recommended that you do not use group-sending software because the group-sending is cheating in search engines. It is best to manually send external links.
4. Why do website URLs use static
Because static URLs have an advantage over dynamic URLs
Here, most websitesProgramAll websites are URL-based static, but various independently developed Enterprise websites require website program technical support and develop a static code to generate static pages or pseudo-static pages.
5. How to Reduce the search bounce rate
The search bounce rate determines how long the user has traveled on your webpage.
So how can we prevent it?ArticleNext to the topic, we will show a closed article to induce users to click on the next website.
There is also a way to think about how to express the content in the user's mind, so that users can better read (such as articles with pictures), Seo is important to the user experience.
A few friends asked me a few days ago, why is my website snapshot quite new and normal? In fact, this problem should have been encountered by a webmaster. In fact, I think the problem lies in the quality of your article.
Generally, search engines think that if more than 75% of the content in an article is identical, it is a copy. Therefore, in order to be able to quickly write a large number of original articles, many seoers are at full cost, the small dollar lists several pseudo-text writing methods of speed of light. Have you tried it?

One is cute and funny, that is, copying an exquisite article to notepad, reading it in a vertical column, and posting it online, as we all know, the search engine is a horizontal search, so an absolute "original article" is coming out.

The second is a skill type, that is, translating articles in various languages from Google into Chinese. If you have used Google translation tools, you will certainly know that, the language fluency is different from that of the original text, so an article about the "original" formed by a mouse is freshly released.

The third type is smart. I borrowed a bunch of academic articles from the urban library and picked them from the East, because these articles will not be included on the Internet, therefore, it can be said that the quality is very high "original ".

The fourth type is the clever model. All kinds of forums are their resource libraries. You can extract the Comment Segment from each other and change at most the order positions, this article is also "original" for search engines.

But seoer, who is familiar with search engine temper, must know that these methods are all suicide. For search engines, the user experience is very important. If the content of the website is messy and not readable, even if it is all "original text ", the search engine will still regard the website as a spam website with no value. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully write your original content on the website, only the original texts that are of high quality and required by users can bring traffic to their websites and improve the ranking of websites.
Directory submission
The reverse link in the directory can be considered as a reverse link with a very high weight. It is generally accepted by the Directory website, so the content and weight of the website are ideal, mainstream directories include dmoz websites, Yahoo websites, and ODP websites.
2: news websites
Nowadays, more and more news sites are accepting profit-making and non-profit contributions, generally in the form of articles. In this article, you must add a reverse link to your website, for example, add the source and source at the end of an article. Www. ***. com In this form, the effect is very good.
3: blog external links
The blog external links mentioned here do not leave messages in others' blogs, but create blogs by themselves. They can be third-party free platforms, but the reverse links are not as effective as self-built blogs, however, both methods need to cultivate weights, depending on your preferences.
4: Q & A Platform
The Q & A platform is recommended for Baidu, Q & A, and Yahoo. Generally, problems that are valuable and helpful to users can survive for a long time, therefore, it is recommended that webmasters pay attention to quality when making reverse links to the Q & A platform, rather than quantity.
5: BBS Link
The reverse link of BBS is the easiest to obtain, but the weight value is also the lowest. If there is enough manpower, you can consider adding a signature to the top. If the manpower is limited, post is recommended.
6. Solicit links
There are many non-profit websites on the Internet and websites of associations. If your industry is somewhat correlated with these websites, we recommend that you strive for these reverse links. The quality of these links is very high, however, it is unavoidable.
7: Links
This type of reverse link is required by every webmaster every day. Search for websites associated with the webmaster and add reverse links to the homepage of each other, it is important to note that the exchange must be stable without any permission downgrading or penalty!
8: linked Platform
As long as you search for a link platform in a search engine, there will be a lot of link platforms. as long as each platform submits and regularly maintains updates, its purpose must be sustained for a long time, achieve an effective and stable reverse link.
9: Information Platform
There are many recruitment, purchase, and ** information platforms. These platforms can publish information for free. You only need to leave a reverse link in the information, but be sure to pay attention to it, that is, the published information must exist for a long time. If deleted, the weight of the website will be affected.
10: purchase Link
This method of purchasing links is recommended for webmasters with financial support, because although this method of adding reverse links works well, it will become addictive. If you buy a link once, you need to renew it for a long time, if it is broken halfway, the website will be greatly affected.

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