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Quick copy tip: In the same document, identify the current move tool (or temporarily a mobile tool). Press the key at the same time, drag the object, you can copy, press and hold the key, to ensure that the "45 degrees angle" of the multiple move; between different documents, press and hold the key while moving, if two documents are the same size, The object is copied to the same location in the new document, and if the document is of different size, the object is copied to the middle of the new document. Copying in this way is not only convenient, but also can reduce the use of the Clipboard, further saving system resources.

Close text: When you want to adjust the vacancy between individual letters, first click between two letters, and then press the key to adjust the left and right direction. Fast Draw color: If you are using a brush, airbrush, pencil, eraser and other tools, just press the key, you can temporarily switch to the eyedropper tool (but the mouse to the image area has been opened).

Fast zoom in to reduce the image: Press the key after pressing the <+> key, you can quickly enlarge the image, press the key and then press the <-> key, can quickly reduce the image.

Cut image precisely: Use the crop tool to crop the image, when the trim box near the edge of the image, will automatically paste to the edges of the image, resulting in the inability to accurately crop the image. At this point, after pressing the key to adjust the trim box, trim box will adhere follow the mouse to move, so as to achieve accurate tailoring.

Quick Browse Image: When the material image is more, you can use shortcut keys to quickly browse the image.

Press < Home > key: Select the upper left corner of the image;

Press < end > key: Select the lower right corner of the image;

Press < Page up > key: Move to the top of the image;

Press < PageDown > key: Move to the bottom of the image;

Press < ctrl+page up > key: Move to the left of the image;

Press < Ctrl+page down > key: Move to the right of the image.

Quickly adjust the order of layers: When you want to move the layer up, after pressing the key, then press the <]> key, you can move the currently selected layer up; on the contrary, press the key, then press the <[> key, you can move the layer down.

Use the automatic selection layer: To automatically select the layer, you can take the Mobile tool option bar in the "Auto Select" option, and then press the key, your "mobile" tool has automatic selection function, then you just click on a layer of objects, Then Photoshop will automatically switch to the layer where the object is located, but when you release the key, your "move" tool is not automatically selected, so it's easy to avoid false selection.

PS in the role of the path: the path is a vector curve, you can use the path to fill, tick line, make constituency. You can also use a selection to generate a path.

Output GIF files in PS: Execute the file → store as Web and Device command, open its dialog box, and select GIF in the upper right of the dialog box.

PS inside the Mask and channel difference: The channel can store a mask, a mask is a selection, you can only make changes within the selection after selection, and the channel can be edited as a normal layer, with many different effects (can be respectively R G B channel or separate channel). A mask is actually a temporary channel that you can use to make a complex selection or a soft gradient effect. The alpha channel can create complex effects at will, then convert to a selection, and then turn into a quick mask.

Eliminates the jagged edges of the transform tool under the Edit menu: This is the limit of the interpolation algorithm, you can enlarge the figure 200%, and then shrink back.

Change a type layer to a picture layer: You can convert a type layer to a picture layer by performing the layers → grid → text command. You can also get the same effect by right-clicking the layer name of the type layer and clicking on the "Raster text" command in the pop-up menu.

Save PS image as vector: In general, only paths can be stored as vector formats. You can perform the "file" → "Export" → "Path to illustrator" command.

In PS, a picture is cut into several parts: in Photoshop, there is a "cutting" tool that can split a larger picture into several small pictures, which is useful in web graphics.

How to create a simple triangle in PS: Selecting the Custom Shapes tool in the Toolbox, and then clicking the Triangle button to the right of the shape option in the options bar, has a triangle in the palette that pops up, or a Pentagon shape, and other shapes that are convenient.

PS in the Gradient tool in the options bar of the "imitation" function: Imitation color will be in the gradient generated color jitter, make the color over the area softer, so that the formation of better gradient effect

Remove burrs: You can try using the "path" tool or "magic wand" to check out the outline of the image, perform the "select" → "Modify" → "feather" command, set the Open dialog box, turn it off, and then reverse the election, and delete, may be better.

Enter special logo symbol in PS: Switch to "intelligent abc" in the Font state, right click on the soft keyboard on the Input method status bar, you will see all kinds of symbols and foreign language input menu. There is also a way to switch to the "smart abc" way, click on the soft keyboard, and then knock "V", and then knock the number 1-9, so see things are the same! Page down and PAGE up.

Change the canvas color at will: Select the Paint Bucket tool and hold down the key, click on the edge of the canvas to set the canvas background to the currently selected foreground color. If you want to revert to the default color, set the foreground color to 25% grayscale (r192,g192,b192) and press and hold again and click on the canvas edge.

Show/Hide dashboard: Press the key to toggle the display or hide all of the dashboard (including the toolbox), if the toolbox is not affected, only show or hide the other dashboard.

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