Quickly enter 26 consecutive English letters in Excel

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If you want to enter consecutive letters in Excel, you can only enter them one at a normal way, some people think that the first cell enters a, the following cell enters B, and then the A,b cell is selected, then drag to get a, B, C, D, the result is wrong, get a, B, a, B, Do you really want a single input, there is no other quicker way, the answer is yes, we can completely through the Excel Charl function combined with the Excel serial number automatically fill the function to complete, and then. In a computer character encoding, a particular encoding number corresponds to a particular character, and the Char function converts the numeric encoding to the corresponding character, for example, 65 for uppercase A, 97 for lowercase a, so that only the CHAR function can be used to convert the cell. This allows you to quickly enter 26 consecutive English letters in Excel.

So how do you get a continuous English alphabet in Excel? We use the Char function here, enter =char (Row (1:1) +64) in the cell, and then put the mouse in the lower right corner of the cell, and the left click Drag down to draw a B CD and so on.

If you want to use the lowercase letter continuous input is to change the formula 64 to 97.

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