Quickly generate user names and passwords with the WPS Office table

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The company wants to establish a brand-new personnel management information system. All people need to be added to the system as users in the early stages. Information department Xiao Li as the head of the project to give everyone to assign user name and password. In order to facilitate memory, Xiao Li decided to use the company abbreviation plus personal initials as everyone's username, with initials plus the company's telephone number as each user's password. Sounds like trouble, but Xiao Li uses wps Office 2012 form to complete this task is almost 10 fingers to pinch snail-extremely easy.

First, create a new workbook and enter the column headings and other information in the Sheet1. As shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

Next, it is necessary to generate the user name and password! Click D2, enter "=" Cnxx "&B2" (excluding the most outer Chinese quotes) in the English half-width state, and the carriage return confirms a username. "&" Here merges the name code with the company name as a merge character. And so on, the rest of the people's user names can be done this way. As shown in Figure 2, 3

Figure 2

Figure 3

The same is followed by "&" to generate the password. Click E2, enter "=b2&" 84618316 "" (excluding the most outer Chinese quotes) in the English Half-width State, carriage return confirmation. As shown in Figure 4

Figure 4

Xiao Li use "&" will each administrator's name code and school name shorthand or school phone number merge easy to complete the user name and password writing, if you encounter similar situation, may wish to try this method!

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