Quickly import contacts into the Outlook.com account tutorial

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Operation Steps:

When you use an Exchange ActiveSync e-mail account (such as a outlook.com account, formerly known as Hotmail) in Outlook 2013, the steps to import a contact are different from the steps that you perform for the Exchange account.
tip: to find out if your account is an Exchange ActiveSync account, click the file---> account settings---> Account settings. Click the e-mail tab and locate your account in the Name column, and then check to see if the Type column shows Exchange ActiveSync.
You can import contacts in the. pst file in other versions of Outlook, import your Gmail contacts, or import them. The contact person in the CSV file.

Import a. pst Contact file

First, you need to save the required contacts as. PST file.

In Outlook 2013, click File---> Open and Export---> Open Outlook data file.

Open Outlook Data File command

1. Browse to find your file and click, and then click OK.

2. Click People.

Click the People

1. Under My Contacts, click the Outlook data file that you just opened.
2. Click in the contact list, and then press CTRL + A to select all the contacts.

3. Drag them to the Contacts folder in your Outlook.com account.

Or click move---> Copy to folder, click the Contact folder for the Outlook.com account, and then click OK.

Copy to Folder command on the Move menu

tip: When you're done, close the Outlook data file by clicking Mail, right-clicking Outlook data file, and then clicking Close Outlook Data file.

Add a contact in Google Gmail contact or. csv

The easiest way to use Gmail contacts in Outlook.com is to add these contacts to the Outlook.com Web site.
You can also use the Outlook.com Web site to add contacts in a. csv file. (For outlook.com accounts, you cannot use Outlook import.) Csv. )
Gmail Contacts
1. Go to http://people.live.com and sign in to your Outlook.com account.

2. Under Add a contact to your contacts list, click the Google contact.

Options for adding a Google contact

Click Connect.

The Connect button

1. Log in to Google account.
2. Click Allow access, and then click Finish.
. csv file
First create the. csv file. For example, if your contacts are stored in an EXCEL spreadsheet, save the spreadsheet as a. csv file. Or, if you want to use a contact from another e-mail account, go to that account, and then follow the vendor's instructions for exporting the contact to a. csv file.
You are now ready to add contacts to the Outlook.com account.
1. Go to http://people.live.com and sign in to your Outlook.com account.
2. Under Add a contact to your contacts list, click Import from File.
Import from File option
1. Click Microsoft Outlook (Use CSV).
2. Click Browse, click the. csv file that you want to import, and then click Open.
3. Click Import Contacts.
If you have the same person in the two list, outlook.com will let you merge the contact information.
1. Click Find Duplicate Contact.
2. Uncheck the line for any contacts you want to keep separate.
3. Click Save or save and continue.

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