"202" Resolution ThinkPad cannot use three finger gestures

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My solution is:
1. Uninstall the driver, including in the Device Manager and programs and functions
2. To synatics official website to download and install the latest driver, now seems to be 19.0.19 bar, but win10 only updated to 19.0.17
At this point, the three-finger gesture has been restored: slide up, slide, left and right to switch, but when I closed the notebook into the sleep, sleep mode, and then come back to find again not. Fortunately, I am witty, inspired by a post on the Internet, first remember the three-finger gesture of the registry settings.
3. This part is important! This is important! This is important! The important thing to say three times, look at the registry comparison before the settings, sure enough some places have been changed:
In the hkey_current_user\software\synaptics\syntp\touchpadps2tm2722\3fingergestures part with ActionId value change, the original corresponding value is
Change them back! Change them back! Change them back! Then close the lid, then open, when when when, gesture back ~
—————————————— I cut ———————————————————— I cut my
In addition, about the trackpad, I found that there is a problem, not resolved
I plug in the supermarket power, the mouse old jump, but also wrong click on the situation, but plug dormitory, home power is not, this is what situation, seek to solve the communication ~ ~ ~ ~
Attached, a chart of the registry settings

"202" Resolution ThinkPad cannot use three finger gestures

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